Sasural Simar Ka 18th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 18th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Karthik takes the mask off Sid’s face. Everyone is dazed to see him. Karthik throttles him while his men hold his hand. Rajhinder and everyone else scream leave him what are you doing? Sid hits on of the thugs. Baa points a pistol at Anjali. Mata ji says don’t do this savita ji please. Baa says stop right there. Sid stops. karthik hits him and he falls on the floor. Roli screams sidhhant ji. She runs to him but Karthik and his men stop her. Roli grasps Baa’s hand and points the pistol to her own forehead. She says kill me if you can. Everyone is dazed. Roli says kill me come on. Baa says you know that I can’t shoot. but wwhat you don’t know is the you don’t only need to shoot to kill someone. There are many other ways. Baa hits on her and she falls on the floor along with sid. Baa says take them both from here and lock them. keep them separate from rest. Sujata says what are you doing. Mata ji and Mausi ji pray in tears for the safety of their family. Mata ji syas please save them God.

Scene 2
Prem is looking for surbhi asking different people by showing her picture.
there in Hong kong, Surbhi rummages for the hotel on the strange roads. A man starts chasing her. She starts running. Prem and simar are looking for her separately. Simar finds surbhi. Simar says are you okay? where did you go? Simar says tha thug is following me. She hugs simar. Simar says everything is all right don’t worry. simar says to the man shame on you for harassing a lonely woman. Simar says you are an Indian and ruining india’s name rather than helping your people. I will call police. Prem comes there. The man flees from there. surbhi hugs him. Prem says are you okay? simar says she is really tensed. Prem says don;t worry i am here. surbhi says simar thanks a lot for saving me. simar says I am sorry for what happened srbhi. Now just take care of yourself. Simar syas she isn’t well prem take her to hotel.

Scene 3
Karan gives wine to vikrant. Vikrant recalls simar with prem. Karan laughs. Vikrant says why are you laughing? He says you are running after a deal of no profit. vikrant saus what you mean? He says I am talking about simar. she can risk her life for her ex husband. She will never think about you. My pal she still loves Prem. vikrant says you will never understand our relation it needs heart. Why did you say siamr about the cctv footage. Karan says If I didn’t have a heart why would I appoint simar only because you asked. vikrant says I am grateful for that. Siamr’s life is ruined because of me and my family. karan says relax don’t worry. vikrant says my love for siamr is because of this guilt. I respect her for what she has done for me I wanna make her life better. he says you think simar will ever give you that chance. I have a solution. she will be all yours. I have a magical pill. put it in simar’s drink and she will lose control. you can make her yours and she will be yours forever. Vikrant throws the glass and says shut up. he slaps karan and says you are such a cheap man. how dare you to talk like that for her.

Surbhi and prem are walking to the hotel. prem is resented. surbhi stops but he is still walking. he looks back at her. Surbhi says are you angry? he says you shouldn’t have done this. this a strange place for us. you didn’t even think about me. surbhi says I was mad at myself. You know I was excited that I could be the part of your success but then I got to know that its because of simar not me. Surbhi says you didn’t like the sweets I andi couldn’t get it but she did. why you lied to me. You should have been truthful. I have been honest with you and so should you. Prem says I don’t want simar’s favor. I will cancel this order. srubhi says she helped us for the name of family. she got the love of a daughter from the house. we should forget and move on. this might risk her job. You can’t do that do her. prem gets a call. he says yes I have found her. Prem says it was the hotel manager. he was worried for you and has invited us over cruise dinner.

sid opens his eyes and sees roli by his side. he says they hit you? I will kill them all. roli says we have to use our minds calm down. We can gather our by the tension baa and karthik have created. they lied and that is why siamr lost her marriage. The same baa is in our house and she will utter the truth today. She tells him her plan.

Precap-baa syas sunnaina wasn;t even in peace after death. she wanted to seek revenge and then she captured simar and wanted to live with her family. she made simar fdo all what she did with prem.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. the episode was superb.but i have doubt y roli and sid has no child.sasural simar ka is going superb.all the best for upcoming episodes and clear my doubt also.all the best

  2. today episode is nice.congratulation for u won telly awards

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