Sasural Simar Ka 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says lets go and enjoy the taste baa. baa says in heart they are so clever.
Vikran, simar and baa reach the hospital. jhanvi comes out and asks whats wrong with her ? She let me check. Jhanvi comes in karthik’s room and says your baa is not well. she is in emergency ward. Karthik says arrange her treatment I am coming.

Pari says this Mehta family ruined the mood. Surbhi sayws its about someone’s like we can’t be so selfish. Achna says this day is so speacil. Aren’t you happy ? Surbhi says more than dance this mehndi is important for me. its in my hand. roli says in heart I am sorry surbhi your dream will not come true. if we get successful in our plan karthik’s and baa’s real face will be shown to world.

Scene 2
Jhanvi is tearting baa. Karthik comes there. baa wanna talk to him but everyone is there. Baa asks karthikt to send vikran out. Vikran asks simar and vikran to go out. Simar says karthik we are family you can treat in front of us. Jhanvi says sunnaina ji you have to go out. Karthik asks jhanvi to go and asks ward boy to come. Kathik tells baa everything that happened at the hospital. Karthik says I have to go baa. jhanvi and a nurse will be with you baa says stop I know the game now, jhanvi come in.
Karthik says I have to go. baa says please don’t go karthik.
Simar says to vikran now karthik will come and say baa is fine. he has to go somewhere.

Karthik comes out and says baa is fine. I have to go out for something important I will be back soon. Vikran looks at simar in shock. After karthik leaves, Simar says come with me to show you the truth. Vikran is quite and bewildered. Simar says please come vikran. They follow karthik. Karthik has a briefcase in his hand. Simar says it has the money he is going to give to save his racket. please come with me. Vikran follows her. The secretly go to the parking lot.
Sid says to karthik what are you seeing ? I am inspector dharam from CBI. he has a different get up today. Do you have the money ? Karthik says yes I am with all the money you can count if you want. simar says in heart nothing can stop karthik’s reality to be exposed.
Sid says there is something left. I need information of all your black business. You will tell me how many crimes you have done. I will cover them up in my report. what are you thinking ?

Jhanvi is tearting baa. Baa says in heart what should I do to stop karthk. jhanvi says baa stop being tense. your BP is shooting up. Baa says in heart vikran shouldn’t know about all this.

Sid says since when is this racket going on ? Do you take out the organs before the order ? What you think your problems are over ? Speak up now. Police’s siren wails. All four of them are shocked. Karthik says to inspector he is the fake CBI officer and he tried to blackmail me. simar says in heart how all this happened ? I have to save sid. Sid says there is some confusion. Karthik says you have the money bag in your hand. I doubted you when you came to my hospital. you chose a special place and time to do this. I realized that you’re someone else. No officer would ever come to my hospital with his homework and leave without taking his money. he says inspector this fraud tried to take bribe for me and he must have took money from others. inspector says he will suffer in jail. A cop bolts the handcuff around sid’s wrist. Simar says stop inspector please.

She says inspector I know him. karthik says in heart so it was her plan. he recalls baa telling him about their plan. Karthik says bhabhi you know him. he is a fraud he was trying to take bribe from me. Simar says no he came here to expose the reality of this hospital. Sid says she is right inspector. he pulls off his moustache and siddhanth bharadwaj. he says I did all this so we can expose the reality of this hospital with sunnaina. Vikran says yes inspector we know him. He is sidhhant bharadwaj. This all is misunderstanding of my wife sunnaina. simar says I have no misunderstanding. vikran says I will not hear a single word about karthik any more.

Precap-simar says this all was a drama of baa. Vikran is about to slap her. Sid stops him and hits him. simar says please stop it leave him sid.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Stupid

  2. Shadi k din he raaz khule ga.fazool

  3. Idiotic

  4. This is too much .. Raaz khol sakte the.. but Simar main hamesha kuchh jyada hi drama hota hai , and it leaves bad impression of the serial. They always show one end so intelligent and other end stupid and 1 person totally mindless… this time its Vikran.. else hamesha Simar hoti thi

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