Sasural Simar Ka 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
roli comes in surbhi’s room. and locks the door. Surbhu says whats wrong with you? Roli says wrong will be with you now. we told you everything about sunanina and you did the drama of suicide. You tried to pretend like killing yourself. roli has a knife in her hand. surbhi says stay away from me roli. Roli says you made my simar didi a culprit and me a traitor. Roli says you wanted to kill yourself right? I will kill you. Surbhi says have you gone mad? I have nothing to do with what happened between prem and simar. I tried to console prem but I couldn’t. roli says life is giving you last chance, move from here. pari comes and knocks the door, surbhi screams didi please save me. roli is trying to kill me. Everyone comes and says roli open the door. Roli says can’t you kill yourself? Ranjhinder says we have to go in from window. he opens the window. Everyone is shocked to see roli with the knife. surbhi says please save me. Mata ji says what are you doing roli? pari says you will notb get anything by killing her.

Vikrant says I warned simar to come with me. prem says and she broke all her relationships. Prem gets a call and syas what roli tried to kill surbi? I am coming in a moment. vikrant says I will come with you too. sid gets a call too. he says I am coming in a moment. Achan says please leave surbhi roli. she did everything for this house. khushi says in heart kill her I will get the keys. Masui ji says you will get nothing by doing this. mata ji says roli please stop. roli says you took my simar’s life from her because you wanted to live with prem. Couldn’t you sacrifice? this was never for you. Only simar has right on prem, this family and Anjali. Sid, prem and vikrant come in. Roli says I can’t see you taking place of my simar didi in bharadwaj house. You have to die. She puts the knife on surbhi’s throat. sid says roli stop please. roli says I will end whole story by killing her. Prem and sid try to break the door. sunnaina comes out of prem’s body. roli sees sunnaina and wonders what has happened? her head hurts she wonders why is everyone staring at her? she sees the knife in her hand. sid comes to roli. Prem says what was this roli? you tried to kill surbhi. are you mad? roli says what? why would I kill her. mata ji says for simar you tried to kill roli? Mausi ji says I would never have believed that you could do this if someone else has narrated. You and siamr were our pride. Pari consoles surbhi. pari says what you think of yourself? You will do anything you want. achan says I will call police and fire attempt of murder against her. sid says what are you saying? this is our family matter. I apologize on behalf of roli. pari says there is no pardon for sins. she tried to kill my sister. mata ji says I am making it clear, surbhi si our daughter in law. she is prem’s wife and Anjali’s mom. You both better respect her.

scene 2
roli is crying hard. Sid says don’t worry everything will be fine. roli says how? what justification will I give to everyone? what if she comes again. everyone in the family will start abhorring me. She has ruined everything what should I do now? sid says I am here for you. I will handle everything. just take care of yourself. he hugs her. he says lay down. roli recalls the expression sunnaina gave her. sunnaina comes in roli’s room. she says was that cool? wanna see more/ what you say, should I kill roli? if not then go and remove that red cloth from door. I need simar’s body as soon as possible. roli says I won’t. if you get something now that will only be peace.

pecap-Surbhi is packing her stuff. mata ji says you won’t go anywhere. from now roli and sid will live in other house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. the story is boring now

  2. how stupid mataji ur how dare u say that roli and sid leave the house.dont forget that the house which u guys r staying is got only because of roli.u guys always say roli sid and simar to leave the house for other.first that khushi aap surbhi.dont forget roli is badi babu of ur family and not surbhi.this barathwaj family just irrating us lot.and coming to suinana she just disunting yaar.roli sid do something jaldi.and this time after winning u guys should not forgive anyone easily.

  3. This is the most unrealistic show I have ever seen.I used to watch this show in the begining,but stopped watching because of all the stupid stories one after another.Some of my friends still watch the show and they tell me sometimes whats going on.These kind of shows give todays woman a bad name.Director and writers should show some realistic family drama,instead of unbelivable drama.
    Mausi ji was supposed to be visiting their house not living there for ever.Where is her own family? Just because khushi got pregnant by tricking everyone now she is living there too instead of kicking her out of the house.How come only Simar and Roli can see Sunaina and not her husband Vikran?

  4. I don’t like Mata Ji

  5. This show is getting really irritating and mata Ji is making the wrong decisions. Kick surbhi mum out she don’t live there. I think Pari is over exaggerating.
    Prem always ignoring the truth that vikrant tells him. This is sooooooo wrong
    Come on roli and Sid !!!!!!!

  6. Mata Ji needs to listen to the truth. She listen to everyone but not simar Sid and roli . This is unfair
    And where is mausi Ji gone who support them every time

  7. very very boring episodes

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