Sasural Simar Ka 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karan says lets see if your trust on them is right. Your job will be endangered if they don’t meet our expectations. Surbhi takes prem on a side and says listen to me. What are you doing? why are you not stopping them? You have tasted the sweets. They won’t meet his expectation we will lose the contract and simar will lose her job. He job is at stake for dadu ji halwai. You can’t risk her job. Karan goes to taste the sweets. He says to the second one my deal with you in cancelled. The man goes to siamr and says you are the reason for my loss. Simar says I am sorry. karan says mr. Prem I will sign the contract with you. Prem wonders how he liked the sweets they weren’t that tasty. someone comes and whispers something in karan’s ear. Karan says simar you exchanged the plate of sweets that prem got here with yours? everyone I dazed. He says you wanted prem to get this contract. What a woman are you. karan says Prem congratulations you have got the order but do you have the chef? Or simar will make it for you? well whatever it is my order shouldn’t be effected. I don’t care whoever makes it. He leaves. Prem is going to simar. Surbhi stops him. She says whenever I wanna do something for you why simar comes in between. simar says I did this for dadu ji halwai. Surbhi leaves. Prem says to simar happy now? Why you enjoy hurting people? Simar says I did this for famly name. he says no you did this for yourself. Prem knocks the door and says surbhi open the door. the manager comes there. He says I can help you with the keys. he opens the door but surbhi isn’t inside. He calls her but the phone in on the bed.

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Surbhi is outside. She recalls karan saying simar exchanged the sweets subhi made for prem. Prem comes out looking for her. Simar sees him going out in tension. simar follows him. Prem is looking for surbhi everywhere. Siamr says this means surbhi hs lost somewhere. I should help them. She doesn’t know anyone here. She goes to prem and says listen to me. He leaves. Simar says please listen to me. You won’t be able to find her. prem says you are not part of my life why don’t you just leave me alone. stop intruding in my life. If something happens to surbhi you will be responsible. You just care about yourself. simar says I wanna talk to surbhi once. He says you won’t talk to her. she says why? she is bugged due to me. I wanna find her and say sorry to her. I am responsible for all this. Its important that we should find her together. I know all the ways here. He says lets go.

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Scene 2
Roli says what should we do now. If we don’t go down someone will come here. Sid disguises as the thug of karthik. Karthik comes in and asks where 9s parkash? He comes inside the room and says parkash. Sid comes out of the washroom. roli wonders where is sid? Kartik says come downstairs. He goes back in. Roli says to Anjali don’t tell anyone about sid.

There in Hong Kong, prem and simar are looking for surbhi. Surbi sits on a bench. She is in tears. a woman asks her whats worng. suddenly she feels like is far away from hotel. prem and simar are looking in separate directions. surbhi wonders where to go from. She says Oh God should I do.

Surbhi and prem are adjacent still can’t see each other.

Baa says wow the food looks good. I was sick of the jail’s food. There were lot of stones in the food. I wil enjoy it after so long. Roli wonders where is sid. Baa says when we are done eat all you my men. ANd give the remaining food to bharadwajs. Baa says this separated bharadwaj family looks cool. sid’s phone rings. Baa and karthik look at him closely. Karthi says wait a minute. He takes off the mask from his face. Everyone is dazed to see sid.

Precap- baa says the son is here serve him. ba is about to shot him. roli comes in front of her and says kill me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I don’t know why simar is acting like a besahara and ablaa naari.why care about prem when he is not even intrested! Strange!

  2. I hope Simar gets what she wants in the end

  3. wow perm ur so mean .ur just disgusting.and simar y r u always after perm when he doest not even care for.its hurt u and fans of simar will also get hurt by it.and finally perm ur good nothing yaar.and roli asual ur my fav barve gril my dear.

  4. prem u r what a man yar ? sid roli i know u do something

  5. harshitha reddy

    hmmm… twist guyzz….vikranth zz gonna start luvng simar…..nd he feels jealous seeng simar feelng fr prem…nd he drinks one day nd tells 2 simar dat he luvzz her…he even warns prem 2 be away frm simar……yaar kyan hai yeah sab kuch………….

  6. Dragging and dragging and dragging oh god am bored

  7. now this siral is not got bcz it s very wrong for you see prem and simar not together for long time bcz evey serial hapn this type of thing and this is very bed for all family.
    so never watch this serial for family members if you are love your family bcz it is not god for every one.

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