Sasural Simar Ka 17th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 17th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli says you gave me love of a little sister. Just agree to one thing. She says please forget what you saw. The secret of the red door room she stay a secret. you know i am that green eyed woman.

Amar says to shurti i know you wont tell me truth, i am calling cops. Shurti says please don’t do this. This will ruin my family’s name. Amar says on one condition, you have to tell me about the game you are playing with bharadwajs. She says i promise i know nothing about them. Amar says what are you doing here then? She says since i have seen that photo i am so confused. I don’t know whats happening. I came here unintentionally. He says okay stop crying. if you help me we can solve this puzzle.

Roli says let everything stay just the way it is. Let me stay here as roli forever. I know you will be with me. When you brought three woman in, i couldn’t feel the way when i touched other women. but when i touched your mom i felt like i have touched someone known.
Roli says I told you everything about myself now I want t know your decision. This is fore sure that no one can kick me out. Sattu got to know my reality and look at his condition. He cant say anything now. sanu saw me but couldn’t tell. I wont harm her unless she keeps quite. didi now please you should agree as well. When she looks up simar is vanished.

Amar says to shurti will you help me in finding the truth? She says yes I will but please let me go home now. He says how can I trust you? She says if i want can gather a lot of people here but i want to help you. Amar says meet me tomorrow near that wall. And i will call simar as well. SHe nods. He says i can drop you home. Shurti says no i will go by myself. She leaves. Amr says who is that woman if its not shurt. He sees someone running in the house behind windows. Shurti is in front of him, going to her home. He says shurti is here than who is that? That woman is in the house.

Roli is looking for simar. Simar hides behind a curtain. Roli says didi where are you? Simar is scared. Roli says didi come here. Roli says i wont harm you come out. simar recalls how she said don’t tell anyone and let me stay here as roli. simar says she isn’t roli. Pardon me roli I gave your place to someone else. I hope you are find. Where is roli? I have to find it out. She says first of all i have to save family from here. If anyone gets up and come out she will kill him. I have to lock all the doors so no one comes out of their rooms. Roli says didi i wont harm you, i told you everything. Simar bolts all the doors. Roli says didi come here. simar says in heart all the doors upstairs are bolted i need to lock the ones downstairs. roli says after knowing my truth you wont find your real roli, listen to me once. Simar sneaks downstairs. Simar hides behind a sofa. Roli goes in kitchen to look for her, simar bolts the doors. Fake roli says i consider you my sister i wont harm you please come here. Amar calls siamr but he phone is off. He says why is her phone off? Is she okay? I should go in the house but no one should know that i am here. Amar takes out a key, he recalls when simar gave her a key of main gate so amar can come in whenever he wants to investigate. he says this is an emergence thank God simar gave me this key. its time to use it. He goes in the house.

someone turns on the lights its simar. roli comes to simar and says why are you doing this with me? i have been looking for you. simar syas you are saying this? i should ask why are you doing this to us? what have we done to you? she says you have stolen my something.

Precap-fake roli says please let me stay here. for that i have to kill you first and then you sister roli. Aman is making her video.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. who is that fake roli? where is that original roli? Is shruti is original roli!

  2. Since she is an ichchadhari naagin , ur perception is more likely to be true asha…..wonderful . But y shd she kill simar 1st and then roli.

  3. I agree with u asha, the fake roli might really think sid is her husband. If not that, then what would be her real motif.

  4. When Sid us beaten by snake he recovers by that snake itself.i think roli(fake) is that snakes wife who want to stay with Sid as her husband snake died after saving Sid .she think Sid may be her husband.what u thinks ??

    1. Since she is an ichchadhari naagin , ur perception is more likely to be true asha…..wonderful

    2. Gr8 yaar.. I think you really should start writing.. Never thought abt this.. Good

    3. ur right

  5. I still believe someone else also involved in this other than Sara khan

  6. if aman takes video footage also does bharatwaj family will believe him..and whr s real roli then?

    1. Shruti is the real roli and maybe her parents are sara’s. I hav a strong feeling that shruti’s father has a hand in this

  7. Interesting story .But why she act like roli

  8. Wonderful story if they stop prolonging the show by showing each and everyone’s shocked faces and over exaggerating things which are obvious 😉

  9. Thank god……alas the green eyed woman is revealed. How lovingly sara unveils her plan that she is there to kill the sisters..Spared 30 mins to see simar locking up the doors and playing hide n seek in the dark.pity….

  10. Finally thank u… For saying abt the green eyed lady …

  11. I just wanted to know why did this fake roli came to bhardwaraj family… what she wants????

  12. I just wanted to know why did this fake role came to bhardwaraj family… what she wants????

  13. Who it was*

  14. Thanks for telling us who is was as the green-eyed lady

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