Sasural Simar Ka 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar recalls Mata ji’s behavior. She says mata ji reacted when I talked about pan. I feel like this is not our mata ji. There is something. Prem comes in, simar tries to tell him but he gets a call. He leaves.
At night, simar goes out. SHe again sees mata ji on balcony railing. Suddenly mata hi comes in her senses. SImar holds her. MAta ji is scared. she drops the candle. Simar brings her down. Mata ji says what was happening? What was I doing here? Simar says calm down. Lets go to your room and figure out. I will stay with you. They come to mata ji’s room.
Mata ji falls asleep. Simar is scared.

Next morning, prem wakes simar up from sofa. Prem says why are you sleeping here? Simr says you all didn’t sleep? its too late night. Roli says what are you saying. Its morning. SImar says how is it possible. It was 12 when I left the room. Pari says are you here since then? sImar says in heart i was here all night? Mata ji says we all know simar wakes up in morning. I saw simar coming from her room. Simar wonders what is all this. SHe says I have to talk to jhanvi about this.
Simr says to jhanvi are you going to hospital? I will come with you. I have to go to market.
They leave together. Simar asks jhanvi about sleepwalking? jhanvi tells her details. Simar says I was reading about it so wanted to know. Jhanvi says okay I have to leave now.
Simar meets pandit ji and tells him all about this. Pandit ji recoils when he tries to enter the house. He says this is not a good sign. simar picks his mala.Simar says please find a solution. He says there is some force that is not letting me in. I can’t fight this force. I can’t help you. Simar says don’t say that. Can someone help us? He says yes there is one person. Guru ma. She is in temple of mountain, you don’t have much time.
Simar goes to temple and asks about guru ma. A man says its not easy to reach her. She can find you solution to everything. These stairs have to be climbed before sunset. Simar says I have to find answers today. She starts walking up the stairs. Roli is doing pooja in the house.

Simar meets a woman, she asks for water. simar goes back down stairs and brings her water. Simar walks up again. Simar is exhausted. She says my feet hurt. Its almost sunset.

Precap-Pari says mata ji you were asleep. Mata ji says now I am up I don’t need to ask you. Pari gives her prassad. Mata ji says give me food first. I am hungry. Uma says you will eat at this time? Mata ji says yes. I don’t need your permission.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Y cant simar say tis to roli v need both rosim to find the truth….tis is not fair….i dint like tis…..we need rosim in action as before its not nice to see oly simar searching for truth…..

  2. Please you’re burdening poor Simar and Anandi with too many problems,please give them some happiness now! ❤️

  3. Theres never time were there is no problem
    There will always be a problem
    Simar came back alive and now Mata Ji as got a ghost in her and before that it was the Devika thing

  4. Hai friends February 16th ssk background play song what movie tell me pls

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