Sasural Simar Ka 17th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 17th August 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 17th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with simar asking mataji for their part of the house. On listening to this , everyone in the house get shocked to see simar going against them. Then karuna says that she is not believing that simar is asking for the separation of the house. Then mausaji says that she is sure that shobha and janvi are only forcing simar to ask for the separation of the house. Then siddharth says to simar that he does not know how simar changed so fast but he will never forgive her , and he goes away from there. Then shobha tells nirmala(mataji) to tell them their part of the house as fast as possible as they do not have time to waste with them. On listening this , mataji tells shobha that the right part of the house is shobha’s and the left is of the bharadwaj parivar. She then says that there will be no separation in between the mandir and the rasoi. Everyone is shocked to see this. Then everyone go away from there except simar and roli. Then roli smiles to simar and gives her all the best and simar goes away from there. Then roli prays to god that thank you for helping us in this . When she prays that time mataji comes there and hears her pray and asks her that simar did everything so that prem would stay there? Then roli tells her about the plan and mataji tells her that until roli and simar are there then nothing can happen to their house and prays to god that let both sisters be successful in their plan. On the other hand janvi tells shobha that they will not allow anyone else to rule on their dad’s hard earned money and the house. Then shobha tells that they will fight for their part and janvi says that simar will also be with them. Then shobha says that she is doubting simar that simar is up to some sort of plan and says that she will keep an eye on simar twenty four hours. Down at the dining roli thinks that everyone can have food together so that everyone will be happy. But up shobha is telling prem that when janvi was born that time prem ran in the whole mohalla shouting that god has given him a sister. Then simar tells everyone to come down for food as they have equal rights to go down and eat. Then janvi says yes but shobha tells that they will not go down because the people down are the murderers of her daughter-in-law and son, and if she goes then her son will get sad up in heaven. Then prem says that he will order from outside and they will eat, simar tries hard to take everyone down but her plan fails. Down at the dining everyone come to eat except sid and others. Then mataji asks roli to tell everyone to come and eat but karuna says that she had gone to ask everyone but no one is hungry. Roli then thinks it has been a lot of time that simar has not come down then up there simar tells that she is going down to take plates as the food must be coming. While she is going down shobha goes and tells simar that she has a doubt on simar as she must be up to some plan and tells simar that if she sees simar talk to anybody from bharadwaj parivar then she , janvi and prem will go away from that house. Then simar says yes to the condition. When simar is going down roli comes there and shobha follows simar quietly from behind. Then suddenly simar’s phone falls down and when she is picking it up she sees shobha and tells roli in signs that dadiji is standing behind. Then she tells roli that she does not want to talk to her and she does not want be in any relationship with the family as her husband is more important for her than the others. Sid listens everything and when roli goes in the room he tells her that she will not talk with anyone from shobha’s family as simar also has gone with them. Sid thinks that how can simar do such a thing with roli as she is her real sister. Then roli thinks that sid is thinking everything wrong against simar as he does not know about their drama. Then roli tells sid that everything will be fine if he says sorry to janvi. On hearing this sid is shocked and he denies say sorry to janvi.

Precap: Roli is talking with simar on the terrace that it is not so easy to bring both families together. While talking mataji comes there and simar gets shocked but roli tells her that mataji knows everything. Then mataji tells them that they are doing such a big thing and tells that let mata rani give them success. Then roli says to mataji that both the parivar’s will come together again and their mission will start from tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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