Sasural Simar Ka 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 17th April 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 17th April 2013 Written Update

Society ladies question mataji that Naina is pregnant with Sid’s child, right? Prem steps forward and ask the ladies who told them all this. Ladies look at Khushi, but don’t take her name. They say truths always come out and stuff like this, you can never hide. Ladies ask mataji, you were doing lots of justice before, now what happened? One lady says, what can she do? She can’t make illegitimate child legitimate. Mataji says loudly, this child is not illegitimate. This child will get his father’s name. On last day of Navratri, Sid and Naina will get married. Sid, simar and entire family are shocked while Naina and Khushi have a big smile on their face. Prem says in his mind, I only have 9 days to bring Naina’s truth out to everyone while Simar says in her mind that she has only 9 days to find Roli.

After ladies leave, mataji tells family members that she took decision for this family’s happiness. Naina thanks mataji.. she says now I can again live with respect in the society. Sujata says like always mataji did justice and now 3 lives will be saved. Sujata says in navratri days our lost happiness wil be back. Mataji says to Sujata, you’re right and maybe God also wants this. We should start preparations for the wedding. Sid gets up and says, I have said this before and saying again, I won’t do this marriage. No one can Roli’s place in my life nor I will let anyone take her place. Simar also shows disappointment with Mataji’s decision and says to her, you need to rethink about your decision this time.. this decision can destroy 3 lives. Think about Sid, he loves Roli a lot and how can he remarry despite Roli being alive? Sujata tells Simar, enough.. your madness is increasing day by day. We all love Roli, but we can’t ignore the truth. Why do you bring Roli’s memories back again and again in Sid’s mind.. why can’t you let him move on? Naina also tells Simar, what wrong have I done with you? I am also sad for Roli, but will she be back by all this? You will happy by spoiling a child’s future? Sid tells Naina, this child will get all that he deserves.. I will take his responsibility, but marriage is not possible. Mataji tells Sid, you have lost right to say no. Why didn’t you say no when you did this mistake. Why didn’t you say NO when betraying Roli? Everything won’t happen the way you want because it’s no more matter of you 3.. there is innocent child in this as well.. when child born he will ask for his father’s name, not person who pays for his parvarish. This is needed for his parvarish.. and even if Roli was here today, I would make same decision. I know Roli would have supported me in my decision. You tell me, would Roli do injustice with this child? Do you think my decision is still wrong? Sid says nothing and Naina and Khushi smile.

Simar asks God to help her. She asks how can Naina and Sid marry despite Roli being alive? I had promised Roli that I won’t let anything happen to Roli and Sid’s relationship? If Sid and Naina marry, then what I will say to Roli? Please stop this marriage from happening. She now says, this is only possible when my Roli returns home. Help me in finding Roli.

Veeru comes to Roli’s room and finds her dressed in wedding clothes. He smiles. He says, you look most beautiful bride of this world. And me.. luckiest groom of this world. Today your family will lose and our relationship will have a new beginning. They leave for the marriage.

Other side, diya is getting blown off but Simar saves it and says why do I feel something bad is going to happen. She prays God to keep Roli safe.

While they leaving for their wedding, Veeru has a big smile on his face. Suddenly, Roli falls unconscious in front of God’s statue. Screen freezes.

Precap: Simar asking God to show her a way to find Roli. Roli’s friend sees news that Roli is being searched in the newspaper and dials Simar’s number.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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