Sasural Simar Ka 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
roli puts the sindur on sunnaina she gets out of simar’s body. She screams. roli takes simar aside. sunnaina says I won’t leave you. roli says its your end today. I will throw this ganga jal on you and you will be gone forever. You did this to the person who gave away her identity for you. You have to go only this way you will leave simar. Sunanina says don’t apart me from my family. roli says you ahev parted my sister from her family. sunnaina says roli don’t do this. roli asks sid to come in. sunnaina goes out of the house. Sid ties the red cloth on the door. sunnaina can’t come in. sunnaina says don’t do this roli. I have got to live with my family after so long. Don’t do this. simar says don’t listen to her roli. roli opens the bottle is about to throw water on sunnaina. Sanju comes out, roli and sid turn to see her. Sunnaina escapes. sid says what to do? Roli says only maan ji can tell us what to do? sid says I am going to ask him everything will be fine. she can’t come in the house. Roli takes sanju with her to the room. simar is not feeling well. Roli comes and gives her support. simar hugs roli. simar is crying hard. simar says what has happened? my family has gone away from me. simar says how will I make them agree that the words I said were not mine. roli says everything will be fine. sunnaina is standing on the door.

Sid goes to temple and asks pundit ji where is Mahan ji? he ays maham ji has gone out he will come soon.

roli says to simar everything will be fine. simar says everything is over what will I do now? Roli says trust me everything will be like it used to be. Sanju start calling mama. Roli is about to go to her. simar says I will see her. roli says in heart sunnaina its not here and this silence. this red cloth can’t let her come in. She gets a call from sid. sid says he has gone out please take care of yourself and simar. sujata calls roli and asks where are you? Anjali is very upset. she needs you. She is not talking to anyone. come home as soon as possible. roli tells siamr that sujata has called her. Anjali is very upset she is not talking to anyone. simar is crying. roli says I she will understand. roli says I am going to Anjali you should not go out of this house. sunnaina will try hard. simar says nothing will happen to me.

Scene 2
Prem comes out with vikran. He says yes tell me why have you called me here? I want to spend more and more time with anajali. Vikran says I wanna remover all the misunderstandings between you and simar. Prem says the person who was closest to my heart, his problems are narrated to me by someone else. Vikran says simar is getting punishment of what she has not done. prem says yeah the one who kicked her daughter is facing problems. She preferred to stay away from us and Anjali. I don’t wanna listen anything about her I am sorry.

Scene 3
simar is alone in the house. she feels scared. Sujata says to Roli its better that you were not home today. Don’t know what happened to our happy family. roli asks where is Anjali? Sujata says she is in her room. Anjali has accepted surbhi as her mom. When I think about simar I feel so bad. how can she change so much? How can she not accept Anjali.

Precap-Roli is with a knife in front of surbhi she says you will have to die, this will put and end to your miserable life and my sister will get justice.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. oh no yaar.precap show that aap suinana is in roli.plz sid jaldi come naa yaar.this may lead to that stupid family will blame roli for it.suinana ur just diusting.

    1. ya that blo*dy sunnaina she ………………. she is making all r hearts broken 1st we thought that she is a nice soul but now …………..hate her

  2. wow but it should be sunnanina i hate hr pls make the serial as sasural simar ka and let she enjoy with prem and anjali

  3. pls reunite prem and simar.we want to them happy

  4. sunainas in rolis body the whole bahadwaj parevaar will hate simar

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