Sasural Simar Ka 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikrant says only your dead body will go out of here. He throws a snake on simar. Everyone is dazed. Simar covers her face with her hands. She opens her eyes and sees sid standing in front of her. The snake has bite him on his forehead. Everyone is shocked. Sid falls on the ground. Roli is crying. Simar says sid please open your eyes. Men are trying to kill the snake. Vikrant says this is why I wanted to kill you and end this story. But this is even better punishment that death for you. This will always kill you that sid died because of you. Roli is crying. sid says my eyes are all black. He faints. roli says do something please. prem says I am bringing the car. daksha says hospital is far from here. She asks leela to bring the expert in village. vikrant says nothing will save him now. It will kill him eventually. Cops reach the village and so does the bharadwajs. Cops arrest sid. They are shocked to see sid. They all try to get him. suajta says open your eyes sid. Roli says you have to stay alive for me sid. Sid is hardly breathing. Leela brings the snake expert. mata ji says bring some doctor. Daksha says he can save sid. Sujata says please save my son. The expert says a very fatal snake has bitten him and venom is all over in his body, its impossible to save his life. mata ji says don’t say this. Vikrant says he will die and laughs. Prem goes and hits vikrant. inspector asks prem to calm down. He says God will save him.

Mata ji, roli and everyone is crying. roli says please do something to the snake expert. sujata says please save my son. mata ji says we will give you as much money you want but please save him. The expert says I am doing the only treatment for it. if the snake comes back and sucks the venom from his body his life will be safe. Step back you all. roli says I wont leave him alone. I will be with him. siamr takes her from there. roli says we have to save his life. The man blows the flutes. vikrant says sid has only few breaths left that will end soon. The snakes come near them. The snake stops and isn’t moving forward. vikrant says sid has to die all your hopes will shatter. Roli goes to temple and prays for sid. she says you have to save sid. I will kill myself is smething happens to him. She places a candle on her hand. she syas you always helped me. Why not today?

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. plz update fast

  2. what d hellll huh…

  3. u told me aa?

  4. u told me aa? plz do reply

  5. The same thing is gonna happen now roli will ask the god to save sid if not she’ll kill herself now after she goes there n say mata rani about 10 times sid will come back to life !!! These stories are so unrealistic when something happens and when u pray to god everything becomes okay

  6. I thought after vikranth episode surbhi episode will come.. but twist roli-Sid episode came

  7. hi fans of ssk,prem and simar i have a doubt according to the story the bharadhwaj family is in Delhi the village in somewhere near by Gujarat sid called his family with in 15 min how can they come from Delhi to Gujarat by car. Not only now rolli came from Ahamabadapad to Gujarat with in 15 min
    When vikranth was kidnapped simar that time also Delhi to Gujarat by car
    within one day according to this story all the villagers were uneducated slaves
    and fools but now the directro and writter make the city people also fool
    if i scold the writter and director are idiot you are people get angry can you answer my question
    Any way Vikranth(Mr.Aadarsh) acting was too good he proved that he is good
    actor because he wont see any images to doing the last one month negative
    character. But prem simar sid and rolli always thinking about their image so the writter gave this injustice to vikranth character for their sake

  8. hahah dats y it is called SSK wr nthng is genuine……..if windws open in their house its some gud shagun,if simar wakes sudenly 4m sleep dn prem is in trouble……its all crap vch has no sense in it….

  9. hey “dfghtt” no yaa,,,i didnt tell nythng 2 u….i was only jus commenting on the writen update………..

  10. This is the worst show .chi .long back stoped watching. Just read and felt wakkkkkk…

  11. Repeating the same kind of scene and dialogue .last month this dialogue said by simar if matarani did not save prem she will kill the same dialogue given to roli..

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