Sasural Simar Ka 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 16th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Roli turns back and finds a man there with a lighter she asks who are you. Answer me. He starts moving towards her. She says I am asking you to stay away from me. Se falls on the floor and is so scared. She shouts stay away.
Jhanvi enters her room and can’t find shureya there. She looks in the washroom and he is not there.

Scene 2
Roli enters the house. She sees everyone busy with Shaureya. She wonders how is Shaureya how did he came there before her. He was in jungle. Simar sees Roli. She asks roli where was she? What happened to her? Everyone gets worried. Achna gets there too. Karuna asks roli why is she crying ? Mausi ji looks at her hand bleeding. M ausi ji says please tell me what happened? Roli look at shaureya and hugs Simar. Shaureya

thought is looking at her with a confused face. Shaureya asks how did this all happen ? She tells everyone that her car stopped and she hired a taxi. She woke up in jungle later. Then she finds someone with a lighter. She says I am here after a lot on hurdles. mausi ji says you are so brave Roli. She hugs her. Mata ji is in tears as well. Sujata says thank god you are fine. Sujata asks Simar to take her to her room. She looks at Shaureya who is still confused.

Scene 3
Everyone gathers in Roli’s room. Mata ji says Karuna and uma are making you food. Don’t worry whole family is with you. We won’t leave that demon. Prem says yes tell me Roli did you see his face. Shaueya says says yes you are not alone Roli bhabhi. We are all with you. try to remember his face. Roli looks at sujata and prefers keeping quiet. Simar asks you must have seen something how will we catch him if you don’t tell anything. She says his face was covered with a cloth I couldn’t see his face. Mata ji says she is woried leave her alone whya re you all asking her so many question. Sujata says people will talk so much about roli. Shaureya says but that doesn’t mean that we won’t do anything. We should inform police. Maybe we will get a justice. Sujata sys this will only increase her pain. I just wanna say that we should give roli some time. Mata ji says we will talk about this later. Just go and let her rest. Simar says i wanna stay here with her.. Mata ji says okay.

Scene 4
Sid calls Simar and asks her where is roli I have been trying her phone since so long. She says her phone fell on her way back to home.
Sid asks is she okay.Simar says I wanna tell something about roli. Roli takes the phone and says I am perfectly fine. Are you ? i am missing the phone. Simar asks Roli why you lied to him ? roli says she got first international chance I don’t wanna spoli his trip. Please don’t tell him. Roli and Simar go to sleep. Roli sees the same scene in her dream. She wakes up screaming. Simar turns the light on. And asks what happened ? She sees that there is no water in the jug. Simar says let me bring water for you. Roli says Anjali will wake up if you leave the bed I will bring it. roli goes to the kitchen she feels someone is there. she hears the same voice she heard in the jungle.she gets scared. she shouts who is there. she tries to run to the room suddenly a man comes with same lighter and music.

Precap- Simar is abot to slap shaureya she says I won’t leave you for what you have done to roli. In the next 48 hours either you will stay in this house or we two.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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