Sasural Simar Ka 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 16th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Roli asks mausi ji to ask about mrs. Chadda. Everyone is busy with the lunch and says its so tasty. She goes to mrs. Gill and says mrs. Chadda was so good. You must know why she left? She says no i don’t know at all. She asks mrs. Singh she says no I don’t why she left. Khushi wonders why is she so interested in Mrs. Chadda. Mausi ji is trying to flatter everyone. She asks another lady about her. Simar says talk about her in front of Khushi. Mausi ji asks kinjel whats going ? She says you really enlighten the kitty. Mausi ji says I should thank mrs chadda for leaving. A lady says I know why she left. Khushi says lets have ice cream. She syas tere is a ghost at her home. Khushi’s phone rings. Simar asks mausi ji ro follow her. Khuhsi says on the phone that I am on the next target. Don’t call again and again. Simar asks Mausi ji to closer as they can’t hear anything properly. Mausi ji tries to go closer. The old lady gets the phone and says you have to be active. Khuhsi says yeah I get it. She says I want 2 or 3 houses together. Khushi says this is too much how cna I manage two or three. Khushi sees a shadow on wall and wonders who listened to her phone call.

Scene 2
Bua ji reads in a magezine that people can get mad after the get a bruise on theri head. SHe shoes it to anurag. Jhanvi comes and says let me make tea for you. Bhagto comes there and asks anurag that I have the treatment of your headache anurag. SHe applies bam on his head. Anurag says wow its gone. Jhanvi comes with the tea, he says the pain is gone but I can’t refuse jhanvi. Bhagti says you get acidity probelms if you take tea thrice. Jhanvi says okay I am sory.

Scene 3
Khushi comes in, karuna asks where were you ? She says I took medicine with me. Khushi asks do you know where is mausi ji? She sas yeah everyone know. Khushi syas how di mata ji allow ? Karina says why would she stop her. Is better to go fro health check up. Khushi says yeah its good. I think you should also go fro health check up. Khushi says in her hearth so this is how she lied and made it to the kitty.

Scene 6
Khushi comes to Mausi ji and says you wrre looking fabulous ib kitty. I am sirry that I was against your joining. Mausi ji says I always look good. She steals her phone and goes to her room.
Khushi texts vrrna aunty from Mausi jis phone and says that next kitty will be here ay Bharadwajs’house. Verma aunty replies wow thats good.

Precap- verma aunty comes and says to mata ji that next kity is at your place thats so good. Nata ji say but I told you I am against this all. Verma says but mausi ji joined us over the last kitty party

Update Credit to: Atiba

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