Sasural Simar Ka 16th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 16th April 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 16th April 2013 Written Update

Simar and Roli are doing navratri prayer in their houses. Whole Bhardwaj family and guests are present at Bhardwaj’s house. Veeru comes and sees Roli praying and he gets worried for some reason. She goes to give him arti but before that asks him to take off his shoes. She goes and gives arti to Kamini, servant, now. Roli tells Veeru I feel like I have been doing this navratri fast, pooja. Veeru wonders if she remembered Bhardwaj’s house. He tells her it is possible, but finish all this fast and get ready for the marriage. I am waiting for you. He leaves. Roli says to herself I am finding something fishy. She asks devi maa to show her right path. Simar prays matarani to keep Roli safe. She says I am dying to meet my sister.

Pari doesn’t feel comfortable and Manoranjan tells

her to go and rest. She then goes to Naina and says, look at Pari .. why it doesn’t look like your pregnant. Naina says how can I say that? Mataji prays matarani to keep her blessings on her family while she’s doing navratri pooja. Now it’s time for Sid to do the pooja. He’s sad as he remembers Roli while doing pooja. In the background, group of ladies seem to be gossiping about sid. Simar tells Sid that Roil will be back.. don’t feel sad. Sid says, Roli left me.. I have became alone. Simar is shocked but says in her mind, you might have lost your faith, but I still have faith in matarani. I am sure she will bring Roli back.

Naina is in her room and Khushi comes there. She asks her why did you come here like this? Naina says what else could I do? Mausiji was questioning about my pregnancy. I feel she doubts on me. Khushi says even if she didn’t have doubt, she might have doubt after this. Naina asks her what can I do? Khushi says, no one should figure out that there’s something else outside and something else inside. We still have an upper hand.

Roli is in her room and still doesn’t feel comfortable in wearing wedding saree. Veru comes and asks her to hurry as wedding time is passing. Roli says, some more time. She finally gets ready. While she’s getting ready, jewelry reminds her of her past. She wonders what I am thinking again and again. Why it feels like I was getting ready like this before? When did this happen? She cannot see clearly what pictures she getting in her mind. She sees her and Vikram’s photo and says it might be during our last marriage, but when why am I not feeling that happiness today? Maybe Vikram is right that marriage is only way I will get my memory back.

Simar is serving food to society ladies, and they act weird. Mataji wonders why they are behaving like that. Naina comes out and they don’t eat. They stare at her. Mataji invites Naina to sit there. Society ladies get angry and get up. They tell Mataji we are respected people.. how can you tell woman who is pregnant with illegitimate child to sit with us? Everyone’s shocked hearing this.

They ask Mataji how this shameless girl living with you? Mataji says no one was there to take care of her so we allowed her to stay here. Naina starts her drama and says, this is why I wanted to die.. now with me.. you all will have to hear from the society as well. Sujata asks Naina to stay quiet and says we are with you. Society ladies say.. what has world came to? A mother is taking side of girl who is illegitimately pregnant by her son. Ladies ask Mataji, she is pregnant with Sid’s child, right? Mataji is quiet. Prem comes forward and go to Mataji. She asks ladies who told you all this? Ladies look at Khushi and screen freezes on Khushi’s face.

Precap: Society ladies tell Mataji you were doing justice before, now what happened? Another lady says, what can she do? It’s not in her hand to make illegitimate child legitimate. Mataji loudly says, enough. This child will get his father’s name. On last day of Navratri, Sid and Naina will get married. Naina has a big smile on her face.

Update Credit to: Aadi

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