Sasural Simar Ka 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 15th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid hs called the lawyers. Mausi ji says papers are on your name. Mata ji says we have no proof that this house belongs to us. Mata ji says i am so scared. Khsuhi sasy she is right if Juwala comes here we will have no proof that its ours. Mata ji prays. Roli says forgive us please it ws our mistake. If we had not gone o juwala’s house all this won’t have happened. Simar sasy we vow that we won’t let anything happen to Bharadwaj house.

Scene 2
Shanti says wow jhanvi you have managed this task and hospital so well. I know that you will be a good mom. Bua ji says bhagti has done it so well. Anurag says yeah she has done well but no one is better than my widde in this competition.

Scene 3
Everyone is waiting for the lawyer. Sid and Prem have gone out. He comes and asks why have mata ji called. Mata ji tells him whole story. He says this is so wrong. The case has become complicated. Khushis says so anyone can acquire this house ? He says yeah. I asks you all not to leave this house. I will make new papers it will take some time. Juwala comes in and says it has been done already. She shows some papers which say that mata ji has named bharadwaj house in the name of juwala devi. Mata ji says I never sighned these papers. Juwala shows her the papers. Juwala says lawyer you can leave. Juwala says I told you that a sorm is about to rage on. It has. now you all can wrap up your stuff and leave. This house is going to be destroed soon. My bulldozer are coming. Simar says how is that possible we live her how cna you demolish it. Juwala says you have 20 minutes to leave. Mata ji says this is house made by my husband. How can you demolish it. I won’t let it happen. Rajhinder says you can not take us out of this house. Roli text Sid where is he ? Juwala says yeah you have spent a lot of years here. Lets demolish you all alone with this house. Birju says in 5 minutes all the bulldozers are coming. Khushi says pleas juwala we can settle it. Juwala says no way. She starts the countdown. Everyone holds hand in hands. Juwala starts countdown from 10. Roli wonders where are sid and Prem. Suddenly they hear people making some noise outside. All of them go out. Juwala asks whats going on ? Verma says we have seen a miracle. They see a morti there. Sid and Prem have placed it there. People says wow you have been blessed. Mausi ji sasy to roli and simar why are you smiling ? Have you done this ? they laugh. Roli says lets do the pooj a and welcome here here. People start coming forward. Simar says so still you can demolish our house but these people won’t let you. What if these people know about your intentions. You will never win elections. Rolis says please leave juwala devi how will you answer press ? Birju asks the bulldozer to leave. Mausi ji tells mata ji who has done this. Roli tells them how they got that idea. Uam says this is like playing with people. Mausi ji says the same game saved us. Mata ji says yes you are right. It was written that a lie that saves lives is better than 100 truths. Rajhinder says yeah its so good. Simer says we said a lie to teach juwala devi.
Birju asks Juwala to leave. Roli says how can you leave juwala ji won’t you join mata rani’s first pooja. Juwala says I have something important to do. Media comes there. They ask why is juwala ji here ? Roli says she is here to join us in the first pooja.
the pooja starts. Mata ji does the pooja and so does juwala.
Juwala says this we are blessed that the morti has came out in our area. A real leader loves his people.

Precap- Juwalaa says I give you 7 days to leave this house. If anyone is here then he will be thrown out. This place will be called juwala house instead of bharadwa house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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