Sasural Simar Ka 15th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 15th June 2013 Written Episode Update, Sasural Simar Ka 15th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bharadwaj house
Khushi, while walking in the lobby, is very upset with her impending failure, and is desperately thinking of a way to get rid of this roli. She hears mantu’s voice, saying You ARE VERY NICE. She is about to go inside, when stopped by simar. Simar asks what is she doing here in roli’s room. Khushi tells what she just heard, and simar is tensed. Khushi says that it might be that she’s hiding her real child, and is about to go again. Simar asks her to mind her own business. Khushi forcibly goes inside, and is shocked to find roli watching TV on a kids’ channel. Jhumki turns around and khushi is tensed. She ask what is she doing here, and why does she look so tensed. mantu sees all this hiding behind the almirah. Khushi

runs her eyes around, but not finding the child, she asks jhumki where’s the child whose voice she just heard. Jhumki asks her not to overtense herself, as she would just show her the child. She goes on to show her the tv kids. Simar asks if she’s satisfied now. Khushi says that she knows that she’s hiding the truth, but not for many days, and that day is not far, when she reveals her true side. As khushi leaves, and simar is about to ask if everything is right. Prem asks why had khushi come in jhumki’s room. Seeing jhumki smile, prem asks why is she smiling. Jhumki doesnt say anything. prem tells her that they kept their side of the deal and now she should also comply. Jhumki says that she would just do as she was told. She thinks that there’s a big trouble, but she cant tell them anything about it.

Simar says that they should act fast, as khushi will keep creating a problem everytime she’s here. Prem asks simar to let her be, as they would be rid of her in a couple of days, as it is, after the court’s verdict. Jhumki is scared when she finds mantu about to sneeze, but is relieved when he manages to muffle the sound. Jhumki wonders when would they go, as if they see mantu, it would be a big trouble. Simar asks why is she looking so tensed. Jhumki says that she is feeling tired as she’s not used to waking up in the morning. Simar asks her to rest, and leaves with prem. Mantu comes out and tells jhumki that all have left. Jhumki asks mantu to go back as its very dangerous here, and she’s doing this for him only. Mantu asks why cant he stay here, and he can hide anywhere. Jhumki says that the trouble too is as big as the house. She gets an idea and says that she would make arrangements for him top stay close by, if not in this house. She says that she’s leaving to make arrangements, and asks mantu to stay put, and not come in front of anyone.

Khushi starts screaming again about the same ranting about the fake roli, and asks them to identify the fake roli. mausiji asks her to stop talking, as they believe her, and tomorrow the court shall seal her identity. She says that as it is, she’s just a guest for a couple more days, before heading back to that bar, where they would start dancing again. This angers khushi, and warning her, she leaves from there.

Jhumki comes down, and sujata asks about her health. Jhumki says she’s fine and that she wants to go to the temple, to pray for the big day at court tomorrow. Simar is tensed. mataji offers to get her a car and a driver. Jhumki says that she would go nearby, and the car isnt required. Viru and khushi too hear this. Sujata offers to tag along, but jhumki says not to bother. sujata asks her to take care of herself. Simar comes down to ask where is she going. Jhumki says that she’s just going out for fresh air. Simar asks her not to get late. Khushi says that this is the right time, as this is the first time she is stepping out alone, and she’s sure if they follow her, they would get to know her true identity.

Mantu is getting very hungry. seeing the door closed, he wonders how to get food. Then he finally decides, that he would sneak out and get food, unnoticed by anyone. He comes out of the room stealthily, and starts walking in the lobby.

Scene 2:
Location: Outside the Bharadwaj house
Khushi and viru overhear jhumki talking to a person, about some room on rent. The person shows jhumki some directions. Viru asks khushi not to bother, as he would follow her like a shadow, and asks her to go home, and prepare for the court case tomorrow. khushi goes.

Scene 3:
Location: Bharadwaj house
While simar goes to call everyone, uma goes to the kitchen to get the salad tray. Mantu sees food laid out at the dining table, and cant resist himself to eat and try them, feeling like a king in a palace. But he is very scared when he finds sujata and suresh coming down, and then the whole family in tow, towards the breakfast table. Placing the trays back again, he ducks under the table, so as not to be seen, while the whole family sits down to eat, oblivious of his presence, under the table. All compliment uma on her eating. Mantu is getting all the more hungry, hearing the name of food being called out. As pari accidentally steps food onto mantu’s hands, he gives out a yelp, but manages to muffle it keeping his hand on his mouth. But sankalp is alarmed. Sankalp feels that there’s something under the table and decides to check it. The screen freezes on Mantu’s painful and tensed face.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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