Sasural Simar Ka 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aman says calendar put your phone on silent. Calendar tells him a joke. Aman says shut up and do as I say. aman sees shurti coming out. Calendar laughs. shurti goes to bharadwaj house’s direction. AMan and calendar follow her. Shurti is outside the house. Aman says I told you she will solve this case. She has some link with all this. satu saw her that night. CAlendar’s phone rings. Shurti looks back but they hide. suddenly she vanishes. aman says where can she go? I asked you to silent your phone. Now find her. They look for her everywhere but cant find her. Aman says how will we find her now? She will be alert now. Shurti is hidden behind a wall and watching them. calendar says she must be near, they go to look for her. Shurti comes out and steps towards bharadwaj house.

Simar is pretending to be asleep in her room. She hears some anklet noise. She says ankley at this time. the green eyed woman comes in her room. Simar opens her eyes and sees prem sleeping. she recalls when she came to room she asked prem is sanju better now? He said yes. prem said drink this milk you must be tired, suddenly ajnali threw a ball and simar’s glass fell down. She cleaned it. The woman comes in the room. Simar says so this means it was something in milk. If I had drank the milk I would have been fainted too. The woman says sanju. Simar says why is she getting sanju up? I cant risk sanju’s life. Let me see what she does. Sanju opens her eyes. The woman says don’t worry I wont harm you I just came here to talk to you. you saw me with sattu last night. sanju says yes. she says don’t tell it to anyone or I will do the same what I did to sattu. Good now sleep. The woman leaves. simar says who is she God. Suddenly simar’s phone rings. The woman stops. Simar pretends to sleep.
its aman who is calling simar. the woman picks the call. Aman says that girl came to bahardwaj house shurti. please be careful, she says in simar’s voice she cant come in. All the doors are bolted. look for him outside. The woman says so this was all your drama? slapping aman and kicking him out? you can never get closer to truth. The woman goes out. and closes the door, simar gets up. She turns on the lights and says who could this be? She tries to get prem up but he doesn’t get up. Simar says what should I do now? She says he is numb. She says I should call aman and tell him she lied to him in my voice. He phone is dead
She says why isn’t my phone working, I have to find who she is.

Simar goes out in dark. She finds no one. suddenly she hears anklets. simar hide behind pillar. The woman walks up from stairs.

Precap-simar is in temple she sees something and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. harshitha reddy

    omg…….dis sooo interstng…..i’m dieng of xcitmnt….wow man wel done witrzz…aftr a borng series dis realy workng out…..

  2. Me too dying wid curiosity t knw wtz next

  3. Ohh come on…..why so much delay to show that woman’s face. They drag such a simple thing to 30 minutes and make us wait for another day……..cant 4get to mention that the show is quite interesting.

  4. I think its not janvi bcos she s wearing salwar and the woman with green eyes is wearing sari and the next s when she touched sanju she was wearing white stone ring Sara Khan was wearing the same ring in ystrdy episode I think the green eyes s fake roli(Sara)

  5. You have point… sara is so thin and this lady is plump.besides her hair isn’t curly like sara’s….perhaps the lady( in the dark )need not be the same when they reveal the real person. Cant comment on sari….pari wore sari the other day when she wz hypnotised…..

  6. she is jhanvi..
    she gtta hypnotized by her…

    1. Rooh u r correct I think it’s jhanvi bcuz jhanvis eyes are big like the green eyed lady ryt?

    2. yes i also think dat she iz jhanvi

  7. execuse is jhanvi with green eyes tell me please

  8. So xciting. … dnt knw y simar has nt used prem’s mobile to call aman. ?

  9. so intersting yar is it janvi ?then why she doing with her own familiy.? why shurthi(old roli) came there she came near the door wher she went? full confusing yar

  10. Looks like jhanvi. Hair body structure etc. But this lady’s finger thick which looks like roli’s. But y shruti came there. Any How very exciting and keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow episode. I

  11. Interesting for sure may be jhamvi is hyptonised too.what a poor family always drama after drama

  12. It’s fake roli ( ichadari nagin)

  13. pls ab suspense khatam kar dain pls.
    we want to see who is she….
    cant wait

  14. i think new roli hi janvi ko hyptonise kar kay sub karwa rahi hay ….

  15. Yeh she hypnotised janvi

  16. I really wanna see what happens so excited lol

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