Sasural Simar Ka 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 15th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
ROli and Simar call the plumber. He says I have to check the pipe line. pari says why he doesm’t come out of the kitchen. Roli goes out with him to show him the pipe line. Roli gets a call from Soniya, she asks him to go out and stays in herself. She wonders should she receive the call or not. Mata ji says we shouldn’t lose the hope. Maybe this plumber is our savior. Plumber wonders which pipe is of kitchen, He starts checking different valve. Sid and all other feel the vibration. Prem starts hitting the valve with a glass. They all shout for help.
They are all trying to get their voice to the plumber. Sid hits the valve more hard. He is tired of doing it. They see out. Roli asks Simar to get the breakfast, She says Meghna must be here anytime. Pari cries she says what will happen if the plumber leaves. She akss Shalu to hit the pipe. They all shout for help. Suddenly the plumber hears the vibration a few pipes but he leaves. Mausi ji says why is he back. He says water supply has started. Simar gives him the money he leaves. He turns back and says should I say something my work is excellent. I will love to serve you again. Sid says why is nothing in our favor. Meghna says because I don’t want it. You all must be tired no ? She laughs, how could you forgive that i bought everyone on your way to temple. What is this small plumber meant for. Sid says so he was your man and he ignored all the voice. Plumber calls and tells her that he ignored all the voices.

Scene 2
Door knocks Roli and Simar says this must be meghna with her new task. But they are dazed to find out that its Soniya. Whole family is startled. She says good evening. Says says to Rli where is Sid these days . I have been trying to call him in fact i called you but didn’t receive. I thought to check whether there is some problem. Roli thinks that soniya ji can help us but how can she tell her when there are cameras all around. Soniya asks tell me whats wrong ? ROli says they are all out of city for a wedding, she says why sid didn’t mention. She says it was all sudden. She says we were working on a project. Roli says all families phone are off he was telling me that people are not the way they look. Their is a lot of trouble for the people in that company. She says he is responsible man. Okay I have to leave. Sujata says how could she tell soniya there are cameras all around. Meghna comes in and asks why was soniya here ? Simar says she came here to ask about sid and we bounced the topic. Soniya is listening all this from behind a wall. Meghna says good you don’t have any other option . Sid sees her. He thanks god for all this. Soniya wonders why roli said all that about the company. She vows to help them before something goes wrong. Se calls police. Meghna says to roli and simar that soniya shouldn’t be here again. Simar says what can we do if someone come. Meghna says that’s not my problem. I came here to tell you the next task. Door knocks again. Meghna gets up and Soniya and Police are there. Inspector says soniya told us there is sometign wrong in here so I came here to look. Simar says there is nothing like that. Soniya says I have been trying Sid’s phone. His phone is not connecting.roli couldn’t talk to him. I can’t believe this. I am sure he is in trouble. Roli says i told you they are all in a wedding. Soniya says don’t conceal I know whole family is in trouble. I heard meghna talking to you and it was clear that she was threatening you both.

Precap- Soniya asks inspector to look after whole house. Simar says there is no need of it. Sonia says okay we will leave if you call sid right now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. it is fabulous i hope soniya help them after trying to find out the truth

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