Sasural Simar Ka 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says I knew you had faith in me. I am sorry. Prem hugs her. Mata ji says Jhanvi you didn’t even let me know. What if this had happen. Simar says nothing can happen to me when I have your blessings. God can’t apart us this soon. Mata ji hugs her. Prem hugs amar and apologizes him. Amar says mata ji.. Mata ji says thank you. You saved everything.
Anjali says everyone is happy so can I cut my cake? Mata ji says yes yes. We will celebrate Anjali’s birthday with all the happiness.
Mata ji says we’re thankful to you mata rani. I am really glad today. They turn back there is an idol. simar says there is no room for this idol in our house now. Roli says pandit ji asked burn it on right day. Simar says I will place is at the right place so it can never harm my family. There behind that red door. Prem and simar take the idol to the red door. Simar says I have kicked you out of my and devika’s life. Your evil powers can never win. They are all ended.They close the door.

Scene 2
The birthday starts, everyone wishes Anjali. Anajali and sanju hug simar. Everyone wishes anjali. Sid dances on the song ‘hello hello’. Uma sattu simar and prem join them as well.
Mata ji joins them as well. Suddenly pari collides with the cake and it falls down.

Par is shocked. She says anjali it collided with my hand. I am so sorry. Anjali says its okay. Pari says roli made it with so much love. How could I do this? Simar says bhabhi why are you so worried? You didn’t do it intentionally. Don’t be sad. I will pick it up and bring another cake. Mata ji says stop simar. Mataji says something that simar can’t understand and she looks in another direction. No one is there. Simar is worried.

Next morning, Simar comes to mata ji’s room and says why is mata ji asleep so late? I think she is tired. The window is closed but mata ji keeps window open. She sees so much mess in the room. Simar says there is something that I am not getting. let me clean this. she cleans everything. She says mata ji drank three cups of tea and with sugar? What is all this. Mata ji wakes up. She says I was asleep so late. Simar says are you okay? Mataji says yes. Simar says I will take care of your food. You wanted tea you should have asked me. Come outside everyone is waiting for you on breakfast. Mata ji says when did I drink tea thrice?

Precap-Simar wakes up to a song. she says who is singing at this time? She comes downstairs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Amr mone hai ai prithibir sakol boot,dainey simar ar paribar’r upor ase!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ssk spoiler:simar’s sasural is has many ghost in the show, mataji’s old friend who is a widow is one of the ghost. simar gets a ghost catcher lady guru maa who has come to free simar from ghost. she entered in the home and does yagya to know the ghosts and find solution to make them leave.there is choti dulhan ghost as well. the little girl will be positive ghost and helps simar.

  3. guys in tdy sbb segmnt shocking and rocking news they said avika is going to take alvida from ssk.. auditions are going for new roli.. digangana suryavanshi may get replaced as new roli not at confirm… may be digangana can play new roli.. if it confirms means avika is leaving the show.. the auditions are going for new roli not at finalized. till now…. if i get see any article i will tel you… i cant imagine another as roli and with manish… i want both to leave the show.. cant imagine roli with other and rosid means aviman only…

  4. Don’t replaCe avika..if it happens means ROSID fans will dnt watch ssk..plz dnt do that..

  5. Humm… all is good…!!

    Avika is going to get too busy here in telugu films as she had signed 2 films as per a Tollywood talk .. We cant do anything other than watching other girl as roli if she is going to change…!!Depends upon her dates she has to decide to be or to quit..
    But hope she doesnt quit SSK.!!! let’s see whats going to happen…!!

  6. Such a boring serial… earlier n all i was a fan of ssk n nw i loathe it

  7. Dont change roli plzz…

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