Sasural Simar Ka 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanju meets Samir

Sasural Simar Ka 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mataij says she will come for sure. Sanju knocks window. Simar says what have you done to yourself. Why are you doing all this. Sanju says please don’t ask questions. Just trust me I am on your side. I just wanna cry in your lap. but I have to go. Simar says no I won’t let you go like this. I saw the video. Don’t go there. Sanju says I am fine. i have to go. No one should know I am here. She leaves. Piysuh stops her. He says why are you doing this. Enough. You have to tell us truth. She says please Piysuh. Roshni says have to come inside. Is this how you meet your family? They bring her in. Simar hugs sanju they both cry. Mataji says please tell us why are you doing this. SAanju says I.. Piyush puts her hand on Simar’s head. He says you have to tell us.

Sanju says I lied to everyone. I decided to live there so I can keep and eye on them. I overheard they were talking about some ace card. piyush says this means the man that tea man was talking about was the same ace card. They kidnapped him. Simar says who could that be. Someone close to us? is that prem ji? Everyone is dazed. Mataji says Prem? no no. Simar says we have to solve this.
Sanju says I saw that person coming. His face was hidden. Roshni says that means he is home. Sanju says I looked everywhere but he was nowhere. Maybe thats whom they call ace card. Simar says do as we say. Sanju says yes I will. We have to find him.

Sanju looks in to the room. She says samir is nowhere. anju puts an injection in samir’s shoes. At night, Samir wakes up and goes somewhere. Sanju follows him.
His sleepers leave masks. Sanju follows those steps and reaches where that man is.

Samir and heli are in store with that man. Sanju calls Simar. She says that’s how it is. I followed samir. But I failed. Simar says don’t worry. Samir shouldn’t know that you are spying on him. Sanjuu says I wont’ give up. Simar says take care. Someone claps. Its KB. She says wow. I knew you were upto something. You forgot I am KB.
I will tell Heli everything. Sanju says I am doing all this for our family. They did so much for you;. Kb syas they didn’t do anything for me. Your mom is my enemy. Sanju says you hate mom so much? We all need you. We have to be united. Kb says my biggest enemy is simar. and i am standing against her. KB goes out. SAnju says please listen.

Mataji says I hope sanju is safe. Simar says sanju is all alone. Piyush says I wish I could be with her. Arav says you still care about her? Enough. Because of we were arrested. She is living there. And we are here. Sanju is plotting against us. Mataji says no. He leaves.

Precap-Samir says to Heli ace card is not well. We have to take him to hospital. Sanju overhears that. She tries to follow them. SAmir sees her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. These khushi deserve a tight slap on the face, then it will be fun.

  2. sanjana vs anjali.who is the best.

  3. Anju is the best among anju and sanju

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    Ishq mein marjawaa will replace ssk i think

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