Sasural Simar Ka 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
baa comes to her room and says have to call karthik. She tries to get up to take the phone but pari and uma pass by. she says people keep coming here. she dials karthik’s number. simar takes her phone. baa says is there no credit in your phone ? Why are you taking my phone. simar goes out. baa says give me my phone back. simar says come and take your phone. baa says I am a better and older player than you. simar says that’s why I am learning from you. your son is not that good though so I can beat him. baa says I will go to karthik and tell him. siamr says will you run or walk or will you call ? Or should I bring vikran here and tell him that you are worried to call karthik. baa says stay in your limits. simar says really ? And drops her phone, baa stands to rescue but her phone is grounded already and broke. sujata comes there. siamr says oh baa dropped her phone and its broken we have to repair it. Sujata says sakalpi will repair it. I came to call you for beakfast. simar says yeah baa you should go for breakfast. let me take you downstairs. Sujata says you are so lucky to have a daughter in law like sunnaina. She asks simar to give her the phone. Simar says lets go baa.

Scene 2
Sid disguises as an old man and goes to navjevan hospital. He says where will I find karthik Mehta ? He says I have to consult for my wife. roli is wearing a veil. He takes roli in. roli asks her to stop and says don’t be bugged. he says lets do what we are here for. I am doing all this for simar. Roli says how long will your anger last ? He says I don’t know how long but I know this is important so you will never lie to me and put your life in danger.

At the breakfast baa says in heart I have to talk to karthik I can’t talk through land line. maata ji asks baa to start eating. she asks are you oaky ? baa says not really. I am not feeling well. mata ji says then you should rest. she asks uma to take her to the room. baa says my son is a doctor he is in dehli I am planning to go to him. simar says I ahev to stop baa from going to karthik. simar says no baa you shouldn’t go there. he will be disturbed. i will call your doctor he will tell you the medicines. You know its just due to change of environment. sujata says she is right you should invite your son for the dinner. Karthik comes to bharadwaj house saying. baa introduces him to the family. Mausi ji ays that is the love of mom. Baa says to mata ji can i take my breakfast to my room ? i have a lot to talk to my son. baa goes to her room with karthik. Kathik says so much food is there some occasion ? PAri says its my sister’s and prem’s mehdni. Simar says baa lets start the breakfast. everyone is in the room. baa eat the breakfast. Karthik gets a call and says its an emergency case I have to leave. baa says I have o talk to you. he says I will call you when I am free. Pari says what about your breakfast ? He says I will come again soon. He leaves. simar says in heart roli our plan in on track again.

Surbhi says to Anjali we have made such a good toy, am I your friend ? Anjali says no. surbhi says we will play daily. anjali says I will only play with mama. surbhi says will you talk to me ? Anjali says no. Surbhi says don’t talk to me but listen the story. should i tell you fairy’s story ? Anajli rudely says no. Prem sees simar at the corridor. he says i wanted to talk to you. Simar says yeah go ahead. he says you have been here with Anjali as her mom but you will leave for Ahmedabad soon and ajali will feel like she list her mom again. Anjali is the last sign of my simar.I love her more tha my life. that’s why i request you to ask her to accept surbhi as her mom. I mean Anjali agress to what you say. Because of you my daugter’s life is saved. you can fulfill the place of mom in her life. simar says whatever you want will happen. Prem says thank you.

Scene 3
There at the hospiatal karthik comes. The nurse tell him that some man is waiting for you i tried to check up but they said they will only consult you.
Sid and roli enter karthik’s room. he asks them to sit. Sid makes roli sit. Sid says to our little flower is not well. she has a weird kind of disease. jhanvi is there too. Sid says is there anything else Karthik says what else could it be? Sid says I have to start from the beginning. She is my third wife first two died. They just went without saying anything. he says I feel like their souls are haunting her now. Karthik recalls when sunnaina was in her room. He says that’s all rubbish. SHe must have some disease. Let me check. Sid stops him with his cane and asy only I can touch her. She is my wife. jhanvi says okay I will check. sid says look ma’am she is my wife not a historic building. jhanvi says how will we treat her without touching. Nurse comes and asks jhanvi for a round. karthik asks her to go. Karthik says look diagnosis is more important than anything. He says let me check her pulse rate. She karthik extends her hand roli puts a handcuff on his wrists and says you are under arrest. karthik says what is it ? Who are you people ? sid says don’t dare to lie. roli says we are from cbi and we have orders to raid here. You run racket of human organs.

Precap- baa asks khushi for her phone. khushi gives her but roli stops. Baa dials from landline, simar says this phone will be dead in 5 seconds.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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