Sasural Simar Ka 15th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 15th April 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 15th April 2013 Written Update

Roli is sad in her room. On the other hand, Simar is remembering Roli and is sad. Sid is also looking at Roli’s photo and recalling their moments and is crying. Veeru comes and gives wedding saaree, jewelry to Roli, but Roli doesn’t give any response to him. He then shows her mangalsutra and Roli gets up and turns away her face. Veeru again puts mangalsutra in front of her eyes. Roli goes in past and can’t exactly see what was going on. Veeru gets frustrated and leaves from there.

He comes outside and starts drinking. He says I can’t take her drama anymore. This time I will definitely put mangalsutra on her no matter if I have to force her. Maid sees him drinking and says, seems like there’s some issue.. if I find out what’s going on between them, then it will be easy for me to get money from him. Veeru is saying to himself this time he won’t let Roli betray him. The maid comes and says to him you can tell me about Vidya madam.. you don’t need to take tension. Veeru says, I have kept you here to take care of her not mine. Why is it so hard to handle women. She says, yes you’re right.. only a woman can understand other woman. If you want I can help you in Vidya mam’s matter. Read full updates daily only at Roli is wondering why she gets scared when she sees mangalsutra. She says it might be connected to my past.. may be my ex-husband forcefully put mangalsutra on me. Vikram might be right. The maid says, I can find solution right now. Veeru says, then go and tell her that this time none of her drama will work. This time marriage will definitely happen. Roli is going outside. Maid says, this time meaning?

Veeru says, last time because of her drama we didn’t get married. But this time, I will put mangalsutra on her and our pheres will complete too. Maid says, that means you two are not married yet? Veeru says no, but this time I will win her. Maid sees Roli and starts drama. She says if Vidya man won’t listen to you, then who will she listen to? Veeru is confused. Maid goes to Roli and asks her if she needs anything. Roli says I just came to get some water. She leaves from there. Maid is very happy on finding out this news.

It’s first day of Navratri and preparations are going on at Bharadwaj family’s house. Simar remembers how Roli was so excited in last Navratri. She says I am sure Roli must be doing Navratri pooja wherever she is right now.

Roli is sleeping and she hears Navratri song from outside. She finds the song familiar. She asks maid, Kamini, where this Navratri song playing. Kamini tells her it’s first day of Navratri. Roli tells her to clean whole house well and says I will get ready for some very important work.

Navratri pooja begins at Bhardwaj’s house. And here Roli gets ready for the pooja. Simar and Roli both do Navratri pooja together at their locations. Maid comes and looks at Roli. Roli asks her why are you looking at me like this? She says, I just came to ask what should I cook. Roli says, it’s my fast today. I will eat fruits only.

Same group of ladies that came yesterday comes to Bharadwaj’s house. They make weird face but don’t say anything yet. Simar prays to matarani that she will have to bring Roli in front of her before navratri finishes.

Precap: Group of ladies tell Mataji that’s Sid and Naina’s child, right? Prem asks them, can I ask you who told you that?


Update Credit to: Shreya

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