Sasural Simar Ka 14th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 14th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Fake roli is in the cage. She says take me out of it otherwise.. Sid is watching them. He wants to go in but he his head hurts. He stops there. He steps back. Fake roli says didi said we will all be honest for 15 days then what is all this. Please get me out of here. Amar says what honesty are you talking about? Now you are stuck so your got to know simar’s promise. Prem says sometimes, you need to use evil to kill another evil. In the end the bad has to die. Amar says there 440volt current in this cage, she can’t even move. Prem says calendar take verma and sushma out of here. Amar says i am leaving as well prem. i have to plan for next step. Be aware, she is so clever. Prem says start preparing for her end. Fake roli says get me out of her jeju, this is wrong.

Simar is worried for Prem. Prem calls simar. Simar hears fake roli’s voice saying take me out of here? Simar says where are you? prem says come here,i have to tell you something. simar says okay i am coming. Simar take a cab and leaves for warehouse.

Roli says every year i fast for sid, and we used to do this pooja. I am married still can’t wear sindur. I have vowed that i won’t wear sindur until sid fills my hairline. Sid comes back home. Roli says i don’t know when will my wish fulfill. Sujata says i trust your love. God will be just with you. Uma says I hope sid gets to know that snake’s reality. Sid says maa.. everyone is dazed. sid looks at roli and recalls her moments with her. He take a pinch of sindur and fills roli’s hairline. He hugs her, roli is in tears. Sid kisses roli’s forehead. He says i know the reality now. I know that snake’s reality now. And I feel so guilty that i couldn’t recognize my roli. You were in front of me still I couldn’t see. roli says its not your mistake, its because of that snake. SHe hypnotized you. He says still i have hurt you and everyone. Please pardon, I have been so unjust. Sujata says you have not done anything. We felt pain that we couldn’t help you. we all knew her reality but we couldn’t share it with you. you were in her control and you would not believe. She will be out of our lives forever now. Sid says that will happen, prem and amar have got her stuck. Roli says in heart i should ask didi. She looks here and there but simar is no where. Sujata says she was here.

Simar reaches the warehouse, fake roli says didi please get me out of here. When simar comes near her the current shocks fake roli. Simar is about to turn off the fuse. Prem comes and withholds her. Simar says why have you stuck her there? Prem says we had no other option. We had to trap her. simar says you deceived her? Prem says yes. simar says i promised her that we wont play any games with her. why you did this? you broke my promise. prem says we had no option to stop her. she is a snake and still 100% stronger than us. we can only kill her in detention. simar sas you can’t do this. prem says she has damaged us all, i wont leave her. simar says we can’t be like her. even if she broke her promise, we can’t. Prem says what you think? she will leave us after 15 days? she will not change, she wants our sid from us. she will ruin our family. I know what i am doing. Simar says you are living a lie, you think its that easy? I hit her with my car but it didn’t work out. Try to understand she is a snake, its not that easy to get rid of her. there was only one way, the vow she made. Her vow her been broken and she is free. we broke our promise. prem says she can’t damage us. Its the last night of her life? simar says what if you don’t succeed? you know what will be the consequences. Fake roli says she is so wise, you still have time. take me out of it or i will destroy everything.

Precap-Simar turns off the current. the snake comes out of the cage.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Todays episode was nice but i hope again tat nagin should not hypnotize Sid again……..

  2. sid put sindhoor to real true and recollect all.. den in seg gave dat sid do aarthi and try to put sindhoor to nagin…. it means sid again hypnotized by nagin ah? any one tel me… but acdng to nagin if she hypntzd again it harmful to sid… is he actlike all family members or he get hypnotized again? any one tel me..plz

  3. avika is looking like aunty….

  4. in dat sareee

  5. I think Sid is acting

  6. I cnt blv dat sid put sindoor in roli’s hairline…i thnk itz a plan of sid to search d real truth abt jhumki..

  7. Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Sid will see fake Roli transforming into Naagin. Sid will than realize that he was under hypnotism (Sammohan) as his Dhaaga will tear through the window latch. He will run back home to Shruti (Real Roli) and will apologize and will put Sindoor on her forehead (Maang)…

    Sid and Shruti’s (Real Roli) moment will continue. On the other hand, Simar will reach the godown and will get very angry on Prem and Amar for trapping the Naagin in a cage. As they have swore on Shivji to win the fight ina fair way.

    Simar will release the Naagin even though Prem will try to convince her that they can’t confront with the Naagin’s power.. Simar and Prem will come home and will get relief to see Sid and Shruti (Real Roli) back together.. Family members will be totally at Simar for releasing the Naagin…Meantime, Naagin will be standing near the front door of the Bhardwaj house…

  8. I don’t like the character nagin. I want avika alone to be Sid’s wife. I like Rosid scenes.

  9. whats d relation btwn jhanvi and sankalp????

  10. Janvi and sankalp are brother and sis sankalp is the son Karuna and janvi daughter of sujatha

  11. They are brother and sis sankalp son of Karuna and janvi daughter of sujatha

  12. nagin ka agla plan kya hota hai? sid will act or he will hypnotized by nagin again?

  13. Its good if they finish off nagin trackfast.plz dont hypnitise sid again

  14. Avika has put on lot of weight. If she reduce her weight she will look more cute.

  15. yup true
    shes looking like a lady of 35ys+

    1. This is weird

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