Sasural Simar Ka 13th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 13th November 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 13th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Jhanvi is in her bed remembering all what shaureya did to her. Sujata comes in. Jhanvi asks haven’t you sleep ? Sujata says how can i sleep when my daughter is in tears. Sujata says a woman is so strong. Every woman can walk in whatever comes in her way. Wedding is a permanent relation you should give your relationship another chance. Maybe these tears will end without ending you relation with shaureya. Jhanvi says my heart says something and mind something else. Sujata says heart is related to your soul in these situations you should listen to your heart.

Scene 2
Mata ji is giving gifts to everyone on diwali. Mata ji says to mausi ji won’t you ask for your gift this time ? Mausi ji hugs her and says i know you can’t be angry with me for long time. Mata ji gives her the biggest gift. Mata ji kisses jhanvi’s forehead and says i wish you all the justice and happiness in this world. She gives her the gift. Mata ji hugs her.

Scene 3
Simar says to roli that finally that day has come tomorrow singhaniya’s will get the punishment for what they did to jhanvi. Roli says yes its the final day tomorrow.
Everyone is in front of their good. Simar says that its the day of good over bad, givbe us power to fight with the Evil. Roli says that will happen. Simar says give us strength to give jhani her right. The pooja starts. Roli says that its the day of lightness for us. My God write the darkness in their fate that they have been doing all of their life.

Scene 4
Everyone is outside meghna’s house. Simar says its our last day just have strenght. Mausi ji says i will be with you.
Inside Attul and Meghna are busy in doing the arrangements. Meghna says to attul i thank you for all this attul. Finally the day has come that my brother is getting married. CM is our special guests i want no shortcoming in his reception.
Simar says to jhnavi that you will go in shaureya’s room and will record shaureya’s confession. We will play that at the time of wedding in front of all their guests. Then shaureya won’t be able to deny what he did to you. They will get reward of what they did. Simar says jhanvi you will get the justica in front of whole society. Sujata says what if something goes wrong. Sid says nothing will go wrong. He holds roli’s hand and says i am with you. He hugs roli. He asks mausi ji to take care of roli. Mausi ji says lets go before meghna comes here. Mata ji says good luck. Roli and mausi ji leave to go in.
Roli and mausi ji enter the singhaniya’s house. All arrangements are done. Meghna welcomes them. She says we have been waiting for you. Mausi ji says wow such a beautiful arrangement looks like its a prince’s wedding. Meghna says get reday soniya. I have bought you the dress and jewelery. Butler brings the tea. Mausi ji says how do you know that madam have not taken tea since morning. Meghna says in that case you should relax and have the tea first. Roli says thanks for all this. Meghna says i have to go guests must be coming and i have to receive them personally. In case you need something feel free to ask attul. Mausi ji locks the room.

Scene 5
Outside mata ji is so worried about roli and mausi ji. Sid says don’t worry we won’t let anything happen to them. Jhanvi is feeling pain for all this. Sujata says i know that you are thinking about the breaking of your relation with shaureya. The most powerful bond is of wedding. It isn’t easy to break that promise. I want nothing then your happiness i won’t force you. If you have love for shaureya in your heart then take the right decision. He will regert what he did. Sontemplate what you want a hopeful marriage or divorce. Jhanvi looks at the family then shaureya’s house .

Precap- Roli says to mausi ji that once jhanvi records the confession of shureya it won’t be hard for us to defeat him. Mausi i ji says these brother and sister are so clever. Once jhanvi records his confession only then his game will be over. Meghna asks whose game are you talking about ?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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