Sasural Simar Ka 13th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 13th June 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 13th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bharadwaj house and Laxmanpur
Viru is very happy at the fingerprint idea of roli, and khushi is very happily sure of her victory. Viru is very hapy and congratulates her on her plan, and thinks that now their victory isnt far away. khushi thinks that she wont be able to sleep tonight in anticipation of tomorrow.

Jhumki, while lying in bed with simar, is upset about the fingerprint reports. Jhumki gets up and goes to the almirah.
A scared jhumki decides to leave the house, before she faces any trouble. She takes out her bag, and is about to go, but thinks that she keeps her word, but before her reality is out tomorrow, its better that she leaves. She stealthily moves out of the room, and crosses the lobby, and comes down the stairs. But before she can leave, she sees sid standing before her, surprised himself. He asks her where is she going and then sees the bag, and asks where is she going with the bag. roli says that she might be staying but as strangers with the family, and god knows how much time she would take in getting her memory back. She says that everyday because of her, there is some trouble in the house. she says that she cant be selfish, and hence its better that she leaves, rather than be the reason of her family’s troubles. sid says that she cant be hios roli, as roli was a brave heart and not an escapist like her. Sid takes her bag, and gets her back towards her room.

Meanwhile simar gets up and find jhumki gone, and is tensed. she gets down the bed, and finds that she isnt in the bathroom too. She opens the almirah and finds that her stuff too is gone. she remembers jhumki threatening to have gone, and is scared if that has happened. she runs out opf the room, and down the stairs. She finds sid coming up with jhumki, who says that she was leaving her sid, at the hint of troubles, and that he didnt expect this from her. simar says that shew ould talk to her. Sid leaves. Simar asks what happened. Jhumki says that she didnt let him know, and made a sympathetic story. She says that she’s scared of what would happen tomorrow.

The next day, all are chatting away and spending time with the whole family seated together. khushi nervously awaits the arrival of the fingerprint analyst. just then he comes. Khushi gets to know that the reports have come, and giving her them, he says that after much analysis, he’s concluded that the imprints arent of the same person and dont match. While the whole family is shocked, simar and prem are tensed and khushi smiles evilly. Mataji says that the fingerprints are unique, and that means this isnt their roli. all are surprised, while khushi watches smilingly. Mataji refuses to believe it, but then is confused about the reports. she asks roli to say something. Jhumki decides to say anything, as if she doesnt, then she would lose all credibility before the family. Khushi says how will she say, as her truth is out. She says that she had forewarned but noone believed her then.

Jhumki says that there must have been a mistake, and asks mataji if she is seriously doubting her own roli. Jhumki says that her faith was so less, that she lost her belief on a simple tests, and if her relation with the family doesnt mean anything. khushi says that noone is going to believe her, and her tears, and that doesnt change the truth that she isnt roli.
Sujata asks prem and simar to say something, and also urges sid. Sid says that there’s no question that this is their roli, and no report can falsify this. simar too agrees that this is their sister. She says that the test must be wrong. Mr. Saluja says that they double checked it, and cant be wrong in this. Prem says that there must be some mistake in the test, and maybe there’s some anomaly. khushi says that the tests results are clear, then what more reason do they want. Mr. Saluja says that there can be one reason, that if there’s some cut or wound in the thumb, while placing the fingerprints, then they mightnt match. He decides to check the thumb. He calls out jhumki and asks him to show the thumb. Mr. Saluja looks at it with a microscope, while the whole family watches tensed. He says that there is a cut which shocks khushi, and that this might be the reason for the mismatch. Now the family is relieved but khushi is irritated. simar hurries to roli, and says that this wound might be during the car accident. Jhumki too agrees on this. Sujata too agrees, and that she had signed the papers before the accident, when viru tried to forcibly marry her. Prem says that with doubt, criminals are caught, but family only needs the heart’s verdict. He urges the family to decide whether this is roli. simar too joins in saying that roli has a deep connection with their hearts. khushi asks if the reprots can be taken back again. Mr. Saluja says taht its futile as every time they do the test, the reports would be showing a mismatch. He leaves. Mataji says that now she wont have to give any test to prove that she’s their roli, ROLI BHARADWAJ, and thats her identity. sid says that they are with her, and they trust her completely forever.

Khushi says that this is a trap, and she is making them a fool, and they are very easily being one too. She says that she’s completely sure that even simar and prem are involved with her. They are all shocked hearing this. Mataji asks her to stop casting a doubt on her family, as she doesnt need her for knowing her family. Sid too asks her to stop now. Simar thinks that now the family trust jhumki completely but when this breaks she wont be able to do anything, even if she wants. The screen freezes on Simar’s tensed face.

Precap: Viru comes back to the Bharadwaj house, oblivious that mantu too has come in the trunk of his car. As he goes to the door, mantu too gets out and hides behind him. Viru remembers that he has forgotten his phone in the car only. as he retraces his steps back, mantu hides and gest out of his way so as not to be seen by Viru.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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