Sasural Simar Ka 13th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 13th December 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 13th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Everyone is celebrating Jahnvi’s birthday. Shaureya says to Mausi ji that i feel like Roli bahbhi is worried. Lets play a game. In which one has to find the other person with his eyes covered. it starts with Shaureya. Jhanvi asks can you see? He says no but I can find you with close eyes to. jahnvi says you can’t find me. Shaureya says till when you will be safe from me. Roli get startled finding it to be the same voice as she heard outside. He starts moving towards her. Jhanvi comes in between. Everyone says its cheating. Shaureya says thank God I held my wife not someone else’s. Roli worries about the voice. She thinks I can’t do anything. Simar asks whats wrong ? She says nothing. Mata ji sits and says i can’t play this anymore. Shaureya says to Jhanvi

that the last and best surprise is waiting for you in the room. Come up after 5 minutes.

Scene 2
Simar asks Roli is she still upset because of the incident that happened outside? Suddenly they hear jhanvi screaming. Everyone goes to her room and asks jhanvi whats wrong. She is crying and then opens the door shaureya has hanged himself. Everyone gets startled. Everyone tries to get him down. Suddenly he starts laughing. Mata ji says what kind of joke was it ? Jhanvi says your surprise killed all of us. He says I am sorry. I won’t do such joke again. He makes jhanvi wear their family locket. He says my mom made it for her daughter in law.

Scene 3
Roli says to Simar that the man who tried to scare me I know who is he. She says Shaureya. Simar says how is this possible ? He was in the hall with everyone. Roli says he had the same perfume he was saying the same thing shaureya said to jhanvi in the party. Simar says how can the same person be at two places. Simar says we can’t blame him. We have to place every step so carefully. Now go and i will do all this.

Scene 4
Jhanvi says to shaureya you don’t know what i felt when i saw you that way. He says okay i am sorry i won’t do that again. Tell me one thing ? Did you find roli bahbhi normal ? I fear that she will blame me for what happened to her last night. Jhanvi says she will never do that she is just a little worried because of the incident. She will be fine with time.

Scene 5
Soniya says to her secretary that she wants a presentation. He tells her sid has the only soft copy of it. Soniya is extremely angry.

Scene 6
Roli says to sid that i thank that incident because of which at leats you talked to. You are angry at me okay. He says no i am okay but it will take a little time. She says I promise i will share all the things with you and I won’t interfere in jhanvi’s life. He says its all okay, they smil and share some happy moments together.
Roli is in corridor she says to herself that i knew the man out there was shaureya. Someone turns her back. She gets frightened.

Precap- Roli is in some car and the driver gives her water. She falls unconscious later. She wakes up in a jungle later.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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