Sasural Simar Ka 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 12th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem says stop accusing my wife surbhi. she is our daughter you don’t need to worry for her. Sid says we have right on her. when you were unable to handle your own self this family and roli nurtured her. Keep your right for surbhh because of whom Anjali is lost today. prem says stop it. Surbhui considers Anjali her daughter. she didn’t do this deliberately. Prem says simar deceived me and I don’t want to know why but you are my brother so now don’t say anything. I have lost trust ovr my won people. Sid says you don’t trust me. Tell me what you want to say. prem says let me go sid. Sid says I won’t prem shoves him and says leave my hand. everyone is shocked. mata ji says have you bot forgotten respect and all the good things. you can’t see that I am still alive. No one is thinking about Anjali all you people care about is your egos. The one who cares for her has gone to find her. roli’s love for Anjali I pure and she has left. She has gone to find her daughter this is the proof of her love. Whole baharwdwaj family is know for its unity.
Mata ji says unity is our power. This family needs you both. Go both of them and find Anjali. Anjali comes in. Prem hugs her and asks are you okay? Mata ji says thank God she is home fine. Prem says in heart Anjali is missing simar that she went alone to find her. The woman who has brought her home says the little girl is so worried and scared. thank God I found her. Prem says to Anjali I am sorry. Anjali says sorry papa I wanted to go to mama. Surbhi says I am your mummy Anjali. Anjali says you are surbhi aunty. sid says let me inform roli that Anjali is home.

roli is in temple and says I looked everywhere but Anjali is still missing. please help me God. She gets a call from sid, he tells her that Anjali is hime. Roli says thank you so much God.

Scene 2
Anjali says to prem I want to go to mama. prem says Anjali have this milk please. Anjali says no. she leaves. She says I wanna go to mama. Prem says do you only lobe mama not papa? Anjali says I love mama and papa both. Prem says won’t you listen to papa when he says that surbhi aunty is your mom. I will bring you to your mom. Subhi is shocked. surbhi says what are you going to do prem ji.

mausi ji says jiji forget all that happened between prem and sid. They both have our traits and manners. sujata says mausi ji all that happened in this house should not have. They started accusing each other. The were fighting in front of us. Surbhi comes downstairs and says prem is going to simar. sujata says what? Surbhi says he might leave Anjali there with her.

Sid goes to temple and says I don’t know should I thank God for sending anjanli back or should I bug for breaking our family. Roli asks what happened. Sid says I fought with prem. And prem and Anjali don’t wanna forgive each other. roli says they will. sunnaina has not gone back. she is inside simar diid and said she will stay in her body. I had to lie because she said she will kill simar if I tell you. she can’t come here. I can tell you everything in detail. I have no fear of her here. Sid says what are you saying? you told me she can come in temple. roli says she could till she was a good soul. she has lost all her powers in front of god. She came t temple to talk to me yesterday he hand got burnt. Sid says we can get her soul out of simar’s body. roli says we can’t do that. sunnaina will hurt didi. Our fight is with a phantom. roli prays to God please show us the way send her away from this world.

Precap-Simar says prem ji take anjajli from here. I can’t bear her responsibility. prem and vikran are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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