Sasural Simar Ka 12th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 12th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says that a land mafia is active here. We wanted to tell you everything with proofs. A reporter asks who is that ? Simar says I can’t tell the name yet. I apologize wasting your time. Reporter says you are used to call us for no reason. Birju calls one on the reporters.

Scene 2
Jhanvi places her egg on the table. Bhagti says this egg has to break from my hands but I have to make it look like an accident. she starts coming in with a pillow. Someone comes and stops her. Its bua ji. Bhagti is so scared.

Scene 3
Mata ji says I never thought that we will become a joke like this. Mausi ji says the main thing to wonder is wo changed Verma’s phone. Verma says it must be khushi. sh tried to steal my phone before. Sankalp says this is our mistake to believe her. He is about to slap her. ma ta ji says women are respected here. Khushi says I have changed I am with you all. Karuna says she is right. Khushi says please trust me, I swear on my kid that its not my mistake. SImar says we should have made few copies of that video. Someone gets a call and turns on TV Juwala is talking to media that they should stop making fun of their family. She will help them. Sid says we have to collect proofs agaisnt her. Simar says yes and before elections.

Scene 4
Birju tells juwala that the higer party authorities are so happy with you. You made fun of bharadwaj family. Juwla says my revenge has not been taken. Birju says you can take revenge anytime. We have a rally tomorrow. She says okay we will see them after this wedding. She hears somme noise from the room.

Scene 5
Bhagti says to bua ji that I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Bau ji says it was wrong there was a mirror in front of that egg. You would have been recorded. Bua ji asks don’t you liem jhanvi ? bhagti says I love anurag byua ji. Since my childhood but then jhanvi came in his life. I realized that jhanvi is not perfect for her. He should get a wife who can take care of him. Bua ji says you are right but I am always with you. Win this competition anyhow. Bhagti says I will win this. Bua ji says take help from anurag when he is alone at night.

Roli says juwala is so clever. Khushi comes in and says about the rally. Khushi says we will feel better when she is busy with it. Roli says we have to find the proofs meanwhile. Roli says I have an idea. She looks at khushi. Khushi says don’t even thinka bout me. Roli says take us to juwala’s home somehow. Roli and simar say get us in her house. Simar says you alwasy say that you wanna be part of this family but now you are not helping us. Khushi says i am ready. roli says our win is definite now. Sid and Prem come in and roli tell them about their plan. Sid says there is one problem. Your bravery has crossed limits of foolness. I can’t allow you to go there. Prem says me and sid will go with you as well. Khushi says we have to chnage the plan a little.

Scene 6
Bhagti hears jhanvi teling anurag that she has a week off. He says wow we will enjoy a lot. Anurag says i will take care of this baby egg. I have to make that confidence of being a dad.

Pari says this is recorder is more demanding that kids. Pari says I have to take care of aarav as well. Uma and Pari as so tired. Uma says to mausi ji that this egg has got us tired.

Scene 7
Juwala is planning to leave when khushi comes in. Khushi says I came here to tell juwala devi that I am with you. Juwla leaves and asks birju to look what she wants. Khushi says my relatives have come they are so poor. Please hire them for your new office. They are here let me call them in. He says okay. Khushi says they are so needy. Roli and simar come in with theri faces covered. Birju asks why are the faces covered ? Khushi says they are bit shy they are from village. He says how can i hire them without seeing their faces.

Precap- Birju hears the alarm of baba’s room. He asks everyone to look who is in the house. Birju goes to the room,roli and simar are there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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