Sasural Simar Ka 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Fake roli says sid please let me do this fast, so there should always be blessing on us. roli says she is right i think you should let her fast for you. this is what all wives do. fake roli says this is the test of our love, i know your care and love will help me in passing this test. sid says we already have the blessings that is why I have you. simar says sometimes we are together but not one. Please let her fast. sujata says yes let her fast, if she doesn’t feel good we will make her break her fast. sid says okay. fake roli says i am going to get ready.

Prem says on call all the preparations are done amar, just make sure simar doesn’t get to know about this, you know she gets worried. Only i and you have to execute this plan. Don’t worry about sid i will send him to jaipur, we will do this once he leaves. We have no margin for mistake.

Roli says to fake roli no matter how much lectures you give, if your soul i evil we have to stay away from them and snakes are never friendly to humans. No matter what you do, sid will never be yours. fake roli says at least my hariline has sindur of his name. your hairline is empty and your are going to fast. roli says sindur wont make my husband yours and you have snatched this sindur from me.

They all gather for pooja. Fake roli says lets start the pooja. Karuna says no not you, sujata says karuna wants to say that simar should do the pooja today, she has come back home after two months. she was ill and we all lost hope but by the grace of God she became well, this is why we want simar and prem to do this pooja. Sujata says simar start the pooja. simar starts the rituals. simar does the pooja and everyone follows her voice. sid says in heart please keep my family one unit God. prem says in heart i will send sid to jaipuur after that we can do it all easily. simar gives arti to everyone. roli and sid are about to take blessings of elders with fake roli, prem says sid wait a minute, i got a call from jaipur, there is some problem in the deal. i have arranged the car and driver. sid says why don’t you go by yourself, prem says you know simar just came back from hospital i have to take her for check up. Fake roli says i am not well, i wont be able to stay here without him. prem says its his project, he has to go. sid says in heart he want to send me? i need to know what he is trying to do. fake roli says but you can send someone else. sid says no i will go. its just a 4 hours drive.

Simar overhears prem talking to amar. Simar asks prem where are you going? who was on the call and what plan were you talking about? he says i was talking to amar for some office work. simar says i think you are concealing something from me. He says don’t ask me anything because i can’t answer you right now. you know i can’t lie to you. i am doing this all for our family and when i execute the plan i will tell you in first place. He leaves. simar wonders what prem and amar are doing that they can’t even tell her? she says please take care of them God. Help him in whatever he is doing.

Amar says to jatin do as i say. if there is any problem, death is there and here. sushma says don’t ask her to go in front of her. amar says you have to go to her. No one than you two can do this. Jatin says we are so scared of her. amar says don’t think too much. do as i have directed you.

Fake roli says come back soon, bye sid. He goes in his car and says take care. Fake roli gets a call from jatin. she says where are you both? Jatin says some caught us. We have got that trunk. fake roli says you got it? did you open it? jatin says no i didn’t. He says i am telling you an address come there at 7:00. fake roli says once i get that trunk no one will be able to take sid from me.

Precap-fake roli says you showed your human nature today. you have betrayed me. I am bound with vow i can’t kill but i will make your situation worse than death.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. in new seg sid ne asly roli ka maang bhari… lekin new spoiler me given dat phirse waha ek twist hai… kya phirse nagin hypnotise to sid??? dey gave dat in new spoler list in wu its a twist? sid hypnotised again ah?

  2. Wat again Sid gets hypnotized? oh nooooooooooooo……..

    1. dont know exact but in seg not given in just desi interview me he told like dat …. but dont know wt cvs vl do??

      1. wait and see… wat gng to hapnd. again….

  3. acording to dat naagin,she said if she erases a human brain 4 2nd time dn it gona b dangerous 2 his life…dn hw can she again do dat?????????bul shit…

  4. Sasural Simar Ka:
    The fake Roli and Roli have confronted
    each other about Sindoor. While, the
    fake Roli carries the Sindoor but Roli
    clarifies that she has taken it from her.
    Roli then speaks with confidence and
    informs Nagin that with Mata Rani’s
    blessings Siddhant will apply the
    Sindoor on her within 9 days. Roli’s
    words come true with fake Roli failing
    in her attempt. The fake Roli throws
    away the sindoor plate to stop Roli
    putting it on but Siddhant comes there
    and applies the sindoor to Roli and
    showers a hug. The moments bring the
    new twists and the sindoor filling
    signifies an important facet of

    1. ab phirse yeah twist??? kya aane vala hai? iska matalab toh yeh hai roli ka mang barne ka baad kuch hone wala hai?? any one tel me plz…

  5. Wat is prems plan

  6. If she hypnotize Sid again then it would be horrible to see

  7. Prem will catch fake roli in an electric cage then simar will come there and save fake roli

    1. i think sid vl see nagin tomrw but dnt no wat hpn nxt…

  8. Some interesting facts r roli simar and Sara look beautiful

  9. Omg Wat happening really its tooo twist …waiting for tomorrow episode

  10. In malayalam also the epi was good and in hindi.their roli having sindoor on her head putten by sid here liitle again she is going to get wow these 9 days end the stroy of nagin plz..

  11. all the actors are doing their best in acting but the writter and directory want to fool us who watching this serial first mahasivratiri came with in two days holi came and with in two days navaratri came how is it possible did any body know about this roli and nagin challenged on holi for 15 days but navaratiri will come on only october month what is this idiot writters

    1. HI,
      Navrati happens twice , first one is celebrated by Hindi calender new year that is Chaitra we celebrate Ram Navmi the day after navrtari i.e when Ram ji was born.
      So it is a big festival as it is the new year time for Hindi Calendar.

  12. I plz writer’s end this nagin drama it is too much now

  13. wat hpnd to likes n dislikes?!!!

  14. I think sgain tom.sid eill see her naagin avtaar and thn again gt hypnotised?no…pls put an end to this

  15. Why does jhanvi stay with her family? Why not with anurag? What happened?

  16. Pls. Tell me.

  17. They had some fight between them during sunaina episode after tat they dint show Anurag till now

  18. north india..mainly in delhi , the navratras celebrated twice..once after holi n second one before , the makers are nt fooling actually happens..

  19. When will sid apply vermillion in real roli’s hairline?

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