Sasural Simar Ka 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem is siting in his room with Anjali. Anjali is about to fall from bed. Roli comes and save her. prem says Anjali is looking fro her mom. Siamr can’t leave us both alone like this. Sid says simar is still alive in our hearts. We have to accept it. Suajta comes in and says you have to be strong for you daughter prem. Simar would be expecting this from you. She hugs prem and says its time to says her last good bye.

Scene 2
The funerals of simar are being done. Everyone recalls their best moments with simar. Everyone is in tears. Pandit ji asks prem to come forward and take the pot.Karuna says we could not even see her face. Mausi ji says what mistake did we make that we are paying like this. Prem takes the pot on his shoulder. He recalls all his beautiful times with simar. He recalls when he gave her bracelet. Roli recalls simar always supporting her. Everyone is in tears. Prem takes the fire stick. Roli recalls when simar said always be happy. Roli falls on the floor. Everyone says please take care of yourself roli. Mata ji takes Anjali. A lady is there looking at them, her face is covered. Mausi ji gives roli water. The lady is simar. SHe says please forgive me I am so helpless. I can’t see all of you like this. No prem ji you can’t shatter. If you are weak who will support Anjali. I have to leave you, forgive me please. I couldn’t be a good wife and daughter. When she is about to turn, roli see her. She says there is didi. Mausi ji says I know you are saying this because you love her so much. Roli says no I have seen her. She goes to that side. Sid stops her and says she is no where. Mata ji says let her go prem she will be okay.
Roli is following the lady. Simar runs from there. Roli is following her and says didi please stop I know its you. Someone stops her a car by simar. Simar sits in it and the car leaves. Simar sees roli from the side mirror. Sid comes and says lets go. He says why are you doing this all to us ? Simar is gone. No one is here. She has gone to a place from where no one returns. Roli says I have seen her here. She was right here I am not lying. sid says you are seeing what your heart shows you. Accept the truth.

Scene 3
next morning everyone is on the dinning table. Pari gives prem a bread and places one in siamr’s plate. Prem loos on the other side. Siamr is not there. he leaves. Pari says I hurt him. Mausi ji says its not your mistake our hearts don’t believe that simar is not here. Roli and sid bring meal for prem. They go to his room and see him hugging Anjali. roli takes Anjali to give her something to eat. Sid says look Anjali has gone to eat now you should eat too.

at night sujata comes to prem and says what have you mad eof yourself ? Won’t you even talk to your mom ?
Roli is busy with Anjali.
Prem is looking at simar’s picture and make Anjali sleep.

Scene 4
next morning, roli is singing poems for Anjali.
Mata ji comes to prem and says look your mom has made your favorites dish. Taste it and tell me how is it. roli spends her time with Anjali. Mata ji sees her and says now I know why people call maternal aunt like a mom figure. bless them both God.


No precap.

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