Sasural Simar Ka 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli enter the code. It doesn’t stop. a few seconds are left. it terminates when 7 seven seconds are left. roli hugs simar. he removes his foot. sid says you defused it roli. you are such a genius spy. Sanju and Anjali smile as well. they take them and go out.

Prem is about to kill vikrant. simar says top prem justice will be done by alw. prem says he ruined our life, he is our culprit. simar syas no please. he is no one to make our ruin our life. God is with us. This evil will be punished by law. siamr says look vikrant my faith has won, you were the God. what happened now? Vikrant says you cant see my love? prem is hitting me and you are happy. I always care for you. simar says you don’t know thw meaning of love. you can only love yourself. how you thought I will be yours? I am a married woman. you intoxicated the pure relationship of friendship. vikrant says I did this all for you. Simar says stop this drama and start counting your days. your end is near.

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Sid and roli are going out with girls. they see some men and hide. roli sees leela crying. roli says leela and hugs her. roli says I know what you feel I couldn’t do anything for you. forgive us. leela says bapu used to say we get punished for what we do. sid says we cant change that but we can save you. you can come with us. leela says I was only scared of my dad. roli says you can come with us we will take you away. leela says I cant leave this place. you should leave soon.

They go to the car. prem says simar we have 10 minutes to meet sid. Daksha syas go to your house simar. stay happy she hugs her. simar says I am happy that you know your worth now. Daksha says the rules will break once you leave, the women will know that their fate can change and they can do that. vikrant says you cant leave me simar, I lost everything to get you. I wont let you go. You made fun of my love and I can never forget you. All the men start hitting on the gate. sid says to roli we have to stop them. The women are bit scared. vikrant laughs and says my people are here. The RAM will have to die in the end. roli says we have to stop them. Sid says prem must be coming any time. we planned to meet near Vikrant’s car. the men ome in. daksha says go and hit them. The women start hitting the men. vikrant sas sarpanj has died because of them. prem stands in front of the women. vikrant says no one can beat me.

Prem grasps vikrant and points a gun to him. all the men stand still the women make a circle around him. vikramt says give me simar and I will give you your lifre. prem says shut up and take vikrant out. sid and roli are in the car. They see them coming with vikrant. rli says come fast. daksha syas go you both I will handle it. she grasps vikrant. daksha says baa we will come back soon. sanju says baba you are so evil I wont come to you. She hugs simar. roli says thank you so much. Vikrant grasps baa and says stop simar. he shoves baa and grasps a little girl. He says I will kill all these women and kids. He says don’t test me simar.

Precap-prem graps simar. vikrant gets panditji and asks him to start the wedding.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. T.Parvathi same thing you are reapting don’t say they are selfish.And a another thing that simar showing as sita and prem showing as Ram because the story is like that.

  2. Please guys have any of ul read ramayana ??? This is not how it is stated in it ravana takes sita to lanka not because he likes her but to take revenge from rama sita and lakshman for cutting his sisters nose !!! Ravana never had bad thoughts about sita like it is shown in this serial !! Stupid writers

  3. hy
    y r u guys fightng fr this serial ya
    parvathi mam ungaluku pidikalana konja nal pakathinga wen evrythng gets ovr apa parunga intha serial epa pathalu simar s cryng cryng cryng…
    thr s no use n fightng n tis comnnts serial will hve hapy endng else trp rate ill b low so d dirctrs kno hw 2 mve it
    comnt pana venanu solala dont fight we all are indians 🙂

  4. hi Rizna did you know ramayana Rama and Sita are the avatar of God in India
    there were so many temples for Rama and Sita can we build temple for Prem
    and Simar how can be God compare with a human
    Then come to the story simar have loveable husband and family mataji considered simar as a daughter then why she left her family before two years
    she might be fight for rolli’s sake with the help of family but she does not want to see rolli in single moment with problem so that she left she even think about sunanaina goast but not think about surbi’s life as a lead character
    she might be do that come to prem and vikranth compare with prem vikranth
    believed simar a lot but prem saw a video visual (that is simar and vikranth together) suddenly he ask for divorce he even thought about which is true which is not true and whenever surbi asked for marriage he said that trust
    me i will marry you my love is always with you but after knew the truth he
    said i cannot give you love just say in one word sorry this is only selfishness

  5. hi chichi you were right about real ramayana

  6. Prem do soemthing to stop this stupid wedding

  7. prem already marry roli in the starting episodes instead of simar…then marry simar…then surbhi…then how can they say prem as rama…….

  8. Pls don’t fight for this this is just drama but this writter can’t show simar has sita and prem as rama.And chichi is correct about ramayana.Rizna u can’t say this story is like ramayana and i think you don’t no about it.

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