Sasural Simar Ka 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 12th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
baa says I have to come with you to your bharadwaj house. I can’t leave sanju alone with you. Vikran says she is right. Siamr says in heart I won’t give up when I am this close. Baa says I care about my sanju a lot. I wanna hig her. Vikran says I am going to the car, come on. Baa says to simar you are so innocent you wanted to get me caught. One day for daughter in law and 100 for mom in law. it was your day today but now mine have started. You are a liar in eyes of vikran. Now I will show you wrong every day. Now lets go and start a new day. Karthik takes baa to the car.

Scene 2
Mata ji says first sunnaina left and now her husband they don’t know anyone here. Mausi ji says don’t be worried. Sujata told me that after 5 days is the wedding.
roli says sid and didi boths’ phones are out of reach. roli and vikran come back. Whole family comes there. Baa comes in too.
Simar is about to go up. sid says I wanna talk to you. simar says yes siddhant ji.
Sid says still you call me the same way why you changed the relationship then bhabhi ? Yes you got it right I wanna talk about this. Will you ?

Baa is in vikran’s room. Vikran says baa I am sorry for everything. For you ad sanju I hided simar’s truth from you. You pardoned me and sunnaina but I lost her before you. I was scared what will happen to my daughter. So I brought simar for you and sanju. Baa I lost you once when I married sunnaina. Will you pardon me ? Baa says a mom always forgives her child. You married sunnaina I pardoned but today a stranger said so much to yoru mom and brother but you stayed quite. Vikran says simar is a nice girl she always she the truth I don’t know what happened to her today, After dad’s death you educated us. We are because of you. I promise nothing that hurst you will happen again please forgive me. he places his head in baa’s lap.

Simar says to sid this is the truth. That’s why I am living with a fake name and today I have got to know the other part of this plan. Roli says what is It? Its not vikran, who aids karthik. baa holds all the control of this racket.

Simar tells them everything that happened at the hospital. Sid says why are we quite then ? We should tell everything to family. simar says we cant don anything till vikran doesn’t believe us. Roli says but what will we do ? Vikran won’t trust you after what happened at the hospital. simar says we have to come up with a proof she can’t deny. That will emphasize on her to accept the truth. Roli says there is a way through which we can bring the truth in front of the world, aditi. Sid says whats her connection with sunnaina ? What are you trying to say ? is aditi a ghost ? What are you trying to say ? that ghost is your friend and she helps you. roli says that’s right.roli says where she is ? if she was here show would have gone to simar. Simar says she has been captured by baa with help of Gandhi ji. Baa told me that she is going to send sunnaina far away forever. Roli says what will we do without sunaina. Karthik and baa’s truth will never be exposed. Simar says it will truth has to come out. They are so powerful. We have to bring sunnaina back from them ? We have o free that soul. Roli says didi we have to end this story even sid is with us now. Sid says yes simar I promise baa and karthik will get the punishment of their sins. Roli hugs simar. Simar says its late and its rakhi tomorrow we have to wake up early tomorrow. Roli says you should go.
Sid says you’re right. roli says thank you understanding us. he says you are not welcome roli. you have lied enough with me. You are wrong if you think I will pardon you after this. She says I had to fulfill the vow. He says and what about my vows and you didn’t think once when you went to that hospital. You have broken my trust. You chose the way different from me and I will occupy the same way. You are not my roli and I am not your sid. Roli says don’t say that. He says good night and leaves.

Scene 3
Next morning, roli prays that sid gets normal with her. simar comes there. Roli says I never thought that this day will come in my life. Simar says so didn’t I. Simar extends her hand and roli tie a rakhi. simar says you know when I used to see my empty wrist on rakhi I missed you a lot. We used to vow on taking care and protecting the each other.For us this relation is for life. We will get out of all this. We have always cared about each other.

Surbhi comes with anajl. Roli distributes gifts among children. Sanju is with simar. simar asks anajli to tie rakhi to nirvana. Mausi ji sasy sunnaina has loved anajali like a mom. Sanju asks what is that ? simar says a brother promises her sister that he will take care of her. She says whom should I tie the rakhi I ahev no brother. Simar takes hee to the temple and says sanju you should tie the rakhi to god he will protect you. She ties the rakhi. mausi ji says I miss siamr today. Simar recalls all her memories at bharadwaj house.

Precap- Baa says lets play a game, to roli and siamr. There is going to be a drama in your house. I will plan it stop if you can.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  10. it is…………… am waiting the simroli sisters to rok again in bharadwaj house 🙂 🙂 🙂

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