Sasural Simar Ka 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem and simar come home.
They all stand up to know what happened and realize they have lost it from the silence. Prem says pardon me mata ji i couldn’t save it. Sujata says this can’t happen, she faints. jhanvi says take her to her room. mata ji says don;t blame yourself prem. My sister betrayed me. Rajhinder says it is mistake of all of us, we signed the papers as well. this time is to face the situation not to break down. i will call lawyer.

They tell the lawyer entire story, lawyer says its difficult to prove it in court, since they gave you 4 crore and that is what the papers state, we can’t do anything now. Pari says to sankalp, sattu and uma prem has ruined it all. nthing is left. jhanvi says its not prem’s mistake. pari says we are worried for future of our sons. sattu says rather than helping the family you are blaming prem. uma says w did everything for damily, we have been facing this all for their mistakes. sankalp says you can’t leave the family in this problem. Sattu says this is our responsibility. uma says your family has nothing more than these words these days. We will be on roads after few days. Pari says everything is ruined because of prem. now you people have to decide if you want to live with mata ji or family or with your wives and kids. Mata ji calls them all downstairs.

Lawyer says i will check the papers again. Rajhinder says we have high hopes, this house is the future of our kids, we don’t wanna lose it. Prem save our house. lawyer says i will try my best. Some men come in with boxes. amar says what is all this? They sa we are in rajveer’s house. We have to prepare for the party here. amar shoves them out and says there wont be any party here. Simar says you can’t bring alchohol in this house. The men say there has to be alchohol there will be party. The man says let me see who stops me. he shoves simar. prem comes forward and shoves them. Maya comes and hit the men. Rajveer comes and slaps maya and she falls down. Mausi ji comes in as well and says this is real me. you mae me like this, Rajveer says this is our house and we will decide how will we live here. he says aryan bring in the alchohol and decoration. Prem grasps rajveer’s collar, rajveer shoves him. He says to aryan he hit me in front of you go hit him. Sid goes towards prem to kill him, they all try to stop him but he doesn’t listen. simar says sid please stop. Sujata comes and stands in front of prem, she says i wont let you kill him. sid says i have to kill hi that are my orders. Sujata says go away from here. He holds her hand and pushes her to a side. He is about to stab prem again but shalu comes and holds his hand. sid shoves shalu. prem says leave him shalu he is my brother and he doesnt know what he is doing. Pari take shalu to a side. Mausiji says don’t listen to them. These people know how to play with others lives. sid takes out a dagger roli says i bed you don’t kill him. sid stops for a moment.

Precap-rajveer says the counter of wine will be there with temple. simar sys i beg you don’t do this. Maysi ji says then..

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. sastri sisters is going off air and thapki is replaced by sastri ssk will not end

  2. Who is this shalu?

  3. Hmm pragna so nw skk will not end ?

    1. yes akshu

  4. New Shalu yaar old Shalu quitted ssk

  5. In todays episode wen sid tried to stab prem but on seeing roli Sid stopped will he get his slight memories back????

  6. roli said in intrvw dat she is intrested in doing rosid stuff.. but due to new writers characterization of roli and sid is changed due to new writers dis is not rosid fault… plz writers try to understand and gve proper rosid scences and want sid normal… and rosid reunite..

  7. wen roli said sid to dont kill prem he didnt listen but again wen roli said to sid “rukzanna yaar” while dis moment sid stops … super…

  8. Wat ssk writers have changed ah?

    1. dnt know exact but in intrvw avika said new writers.. not all i think so.. one can may chage..

  9. Subtitle pls colours do something

  10. isn’t? new writer for ssk. may ssk shall go in wrong or right path. that is favourite or bad scenes

  11. thapki pyar ki is gng to air on colors at 7pm frm 25th may but as shastri sisters not ending time slot changes…

  12. i have a doubt actualy sid ki entry naag ke roop may honewali hai but he came as aryan.. is script changes or wat is dis? plz tel me anyone.. is sid is naag or only aryan…. anyone tel me plz… is any changes??? or not?

  13. maya told dat rb burns da naag and he took naagmani frm the box.. it means nw sid is not naag na?/ tel me anyone… and maya really changed or is she doing acting??/

    1. i doubt maya

  14. is maya changes total o not? and wat about sid?

  15. maya knows where the mani is… but y she didnt tell anyone in family????

  16. mj tells everyone dat dey can live in house but like aryan, they will have to follow her orders. rajveer tells his mens to set of bar infront of matarani idol.

    mataji tells da family she supports simar and will not leave da bw house,mj will asks family members to decide whether they are with her or mataji. rb organizes the party.
    employees of sweet shop take rb and mj’s side. sattu,shailu sankalap uma pari also forsake mataji. mj asks matajito handover the keys to da locker.
    at the party rb humiliates sattuin front of his employees. amar and calender plan to steal the property papers from the locker
    rb gives a chance to prem to win his house back but he offers has a catch. prem inforns about offers to others… roli consoles simar and asks her to be strong

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