Sasural Simar Ka 11th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 11th June 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 11th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bharadwaj house and Laxmanpur
Jhumki is scared to see mataji and sujata. They tell her that they are very happy to see her so devoted to her temple. Jhumki is relieved. sujata comments that it seems that the lost roli is back now. She tells how roli used to do this everyday. sujata blesses her to have a long life. she takes both their blessings. Mausiji comes and asks about her puja. Mataji says that they found much solace in the ashram, and that everything was very good. Sujata asks about roli, who comes with prashad. Khushi watches this and is smiling evilly. She thinks that jhumki might do whatever drama she wants, as soon her true face would be revealed.

Just then someone calls out for khushi, on the door. she goes to ask if he’s Mr. Saluja. When he nods, She introduces herself and says that she called for him. Mataji asks who is this. Khushi says that she had told that she would bring out the truth about this roli. Khushi tells everyone, that she has found the proof that would get them to believe this isnt their roli. She introduces Mr. Saluja, who is a fingerprint specialist, and would take this girl’s fingerprints, and match them with roli, so that her fraud can be revealed. She says that this girl might look like roli, but no two people can have the same fingerprint. this shocks everyone, and scares jhumki, prem and simar. Khushi thinks that whoever she is, she should be prepared to leave the house, as she cant beat this. Khushi asks jhumki if she has a problem with this. Seeing her quiet, she asks what happened, and why is she scared if she is roli. Khushi says that she knows that she’s thinking, that once her truth is out, then where would she stay, as this family would throw her out. Jhumki says that her family is with her, and who is she that questions her identity. She says that she has tried her level best, but couldnt prove anything, then why is she bothering her. Khushi says that soon they would find if she’s real or not. Mataji reprimands her for doing this. But khushi says that she’s doing it for this only. khushi says that if its proved that this girl isnt roli, then this property would be hers and viru’s. She tells mataji to thank her when she finds out the fraud that this girl has done, or else noon e knows what would she have done. khushi says that she knew they wouldnt trust her, hence she caled hiom. He too says that fingerprints cant lie, and this is the best way to identify someone. Prem, simar and jhumki are scared. mataji expresses her confidence, that this is their roli, jhumki is happy, but she gets tensed, when mataji asks her to shut Khushi’s mouth, by taking this test. prem and simar too are shocked. When prem and simar com,e beside her, mataji asks what happened. She says that she understands their pain, and they arent taking this test for themselves, but for shutting someone’s mouth. Prem’s parents’ too agree saying that this would be the best way to oust khushi and viru out of the house. Khushi says that time would tell, who survives and who’s ousted. jhumki looks helplessly at simar and prem, while the fingerprint analyst, takes her through the procedure in theory. Mataji too asks her to take it, while khushi smiles. She places her thumb in the ink, while all wait tensed.

Khushi gets the property papers, and tells them that this contains original roli’s fingerprints, and calls out to simar and jhumki too to come down, so that they may also find out the truth, as she has found roli’s thumbprints to match it with this girl’s, shocking them. Jhumki is horrified. The screen freezes on simar’s shocked face.

Precap: Mr. Saluja tells everyone that this isnt roli, as the fingerprints dont match, shocking them all, and scaring jhumki of her fate now. khushi tells them victoriously that she’s been trying to tell them all along that this isnt their roli. Mataji reprimands jhumki for betraying them for so long, leading them to believe that this is their roli. Sid also asks her how dare she impose as roli, in their house. He says that they would hand her over to the police rightaway. While jhumki is shocked, prem and simar are very tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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