Sasural Simar Ka 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid goes to the house and moves towards the corridor. someone walks in and he hides. Sid grasps him and hits him on head. He takes the key from his pocket. He opens the door goes near the corridor where sanju and anjalu are detained. He sees the room and is about to step on the corridor. THe bomb starts tricking. He wonders what is it> rli comes and says sid stop don’t move forward. She says there is a bomb in corridor the house will blast if you step your second foot in. sid is shocked. roli says the bomb has activated.Roli says we should do something. roli says we need to know the password to deactivate it. Sid says we only have 5 minutes. roli says I will place my foot at your place go and bring sanju and Anjali. Sid says I cant risk your life. the one who steps on it will have to die in the end. Sid says I cant give you my death. roli says I told you I wont let you go alone anywhere. sid says try to understand we have to save the girls. We will embrace death together. Roli hugs her and says go and vbring the girls.

Prem and vikrant are in front of each other. they walk in round. prem move towards him.
prem recalls simar hugging him in tears. prem hits vikrant o face. Vikrant says you have freed your death.
prem recalls his family fainting one by one. vikrant hits prem. prejm stands back and punches him in the tummy. vikrant vomits blood, prem says even if you say simar’s name I will clamber your tongue. vikrant laughs. prem says you can never have simar. what you think you are so powerful? I will take this misunderstanding out of your mind today. Vikrant sees Ram in prem so he cant’ hit him even when he tries. prem grounds him.

mata ji says I wont go to hospital I will saty here in temple. Rajhinder says let her. mata ji prays. sujata asks what to do now? rajhinder says I don’t know. shalu mata ji should be stayed in temple. we shall bring the doctor here. rajhinder says sattu arrange the doctor. mausi ji says I cant see her like this please do something. rajhinder says there is only one way. prem should tell mata ji that he will bring them back soon. ajhinder calls prem but his number is off.

Prem hits vikrant simar says go prem. hit him more. Prem hits him harder.

roli steps in the corridor. the bomb is still activated. she is moving forward. only 2 minutes are left. roli steps in the room and hugs sanju and Anjali. hey are happy to see her.
rolu picks sanju and gives her to sid. roli says I have to get anjalio. there are few seconds. roli gets out and takes Anjali. she gives her to sid. They ask the girls to go out. roli says just one minute is left. sid says go from here roli. listen you have to reach vikran’t car. roi says I am not going anywhere, she hugs him. sid says please. he says please go. roli recalls vikrant asking simar to own him after 20 days roli enters a code and the bomb doesn’t stop.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hi Ms. Rizna you are saying this story is imagine only not in real then why they
    compare the character with Ramayana today they were shown prem as rama like God with lightings so horrible he cheated surbi and even he did not felt guilty for that and simar celebrates even wedding anniversary with vikranth according to the writter then how can be she is sita
    You are people want some action sceans for prem and sid so that the writter
    spoil the vikranth character and simar vikranth relation
    Basically vikranth and surbi are good one they are not selfish like prem and simar surbi always gave importance about prem’s happiness so she might be
    sacrifice her love and join prem and simar vikranth might be leaved with her
    daughter along why did not the writter imagined the story like this
    if you want action seens for prem and sid means they might be created some
    new story line with other actors not like this spoil the characters and give
    too much injustice to them

  2. super comedy episode..its funny to see them like rama sita ravana……….

    1. ew the way they change prem into ram whatever

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