Sasural Simar Ka 11th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 11th December 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 11th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Shaureya enters the room and is packing his bag. Jahnvi comes in and says please don’t leave this house because of Simar and Roli bhabhi. Jhanvi says i assure you they will apologize you. He says no i just want their trust. He says i just want peace in this house. He says don’t take me wrong I love you but its better that I leave.
Sujjata downstairs says to Simar and Roli that I beg you stop spoiling the happiness of my daughter. Simar says we can’t even imagine about doing that. Roli says don’t say that maa ji. She says why don’t you have insulted the son in law of this family. he is leaving this house because of you two. You will ruin the house of my daughter. Her martial life will destroy. There is still time stop them.
Jhanvi comes in and

says that Roli bhabhi and Simar bhabhi will have to apologize Shaureya they have to stop him. If he leaves this house i will leave too.
Sid says to Roli please apologize him. Prem says when jhanvi trusts him then we should too. Roli says he is just pretending to be good he is not. How can we close our eyes while knowing the truth. Simar says please trust us. Roli says we won’t ask his pardon we can’t do that. Rajhinder stops him. Sujata says this is the result of misunderstandings. Mata ji is about to say something Shaureya says please don’t stop me Mata ji I respect you I can’t says no to you. He says this is better for all of us. I apologize for all the inconvenience I have ever caused. I apologize you both as well. jhanvi says i am leaving this house with him. Shaureaya says I don’t have a place to keep you. She says i prefer living on road with you the the place where someone doesn’t respect you. Sujata says I never imagined this. Simar says stop Shaureya. He and Jhanvi turn back. Simar says jahnvi you are the daughter of this house. I apologize shaureya for all the mistakes. I am sorry. We will never let you down. Prem says we promise you shaureya nothing will happen to you. Juahnvi says i am satisfied with what you said but the real culprit of shaureya is roli bhabhi. Can she make me believe that she will never accuse Shaureya again. Everyone’s eyes are on Roli. Simar turns back to her. She says please Roli because of me. She takes Roli to Shaureya. Roli says I’m sorry. Shaureya says please don’t embarrass me you both are elder than me I just want a place in your heart. Simar says nothing will happen to you because of us. Jhanvi says i hope you won’t chnage. Simar says this is our promise. Shaureya says there is a request please forget what happened. Sujata says that means you aren’t leaving. Shaureya says no i have to but reason is different. I need to find a job. Mata ji says I told you before that you will stay in this house till you don’t get a job. Mausi ji says this has to happen all the people are happy. Everyone wishes jhanvi birthday. Mata ji says everyone should go to sleep we will start a new day tomorrow and celebrate jhanvi’s birthday.

Scene 2
Shaureya kisses the forehead of Jhanvi and gives her the rose in the morning. He says its my love’s birthday i wanna give you so many surprises. She says thankyou shaureya for being in my life. He says thank you for giving me a chance.

Scene 3
Sujata comes in the room and says jhanvi breakfast is ready. She sees the breakfast already in the room. Jhanvi says shaureya has brought me the breakfast. He says there are more surprises to come. Sujata says may you always be happy. Jhanvi says yes Simar and Roli have apologized too but i don’t understand why don’t they trust him. Sujata says I can’t understand that too. She says enjoy your breakfast.

Scene 3
Roli asks Simar why she apologized Shaureya. She says that its not our lost. It was better if jhanvi would have left yesterday maa won’t ever forgive us. We just have to be quiet for some days. roli says i just hope he doesn’t consider this as his win. Simar says let him think like that Its better for us. We just have to keep a look at him.

Precap- Roli is looking for something in car Shureya comes and holds her hand. She shouts sids name for help.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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