Sasural Simar Ka 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Baa says she is lying. simar says karthik and baa killed your sunnaina. Karthik kills innocent and helpless people. He takes their organs out. This is butcher shop not hospital. innocent people die here ever day. karthik is not alone in all this baa is with him. I know you won’t believe but I have proofs that will show that I am right. Baa says whats wrong with my sunnaina. Why are you accusing your own family. Why would I do business to organs. Karthik says please control baa I know what are you thinking. The hospital the took me ages to establish, you have hurt me by abusing it. Vikran says sunnaina are you okay ? Hwo can you say all this. Baa is like God to me and karthik asks me every time before he does anything. He can’t do anything without me so you mean that we own this racki. siamr says comes with me and let me prove you will understand. She says you have to give me one chance to prove myself. Simar goes somewhere Vikran follows her. Siamr says this hospital kill people in the name of saving people. They kill people ad earn a lot. Siamr says the ones that are alive don’t get what happened to them. Look at this box karthik keeps organs here in this box. do you remember How worried karthik was when he lost that box at the airpot. That is because that box contained organs. She says I will show you something that will bring all the truth in front of your eyes. simar opens a door.
Vikran opens a box there are just medicines in it. simar says how is that possible. vikran says there is nothing that can prove what you are saying. Karthuk says bhabhi if you don’t wanna live with us you can say that but please don’t accuse us like this. simar says meet the patients you will know everything. KArthik says bhaiya.. baa says no let him see. Karthik says yeha I don’t want any doubts regarding us in your mind. Baa says if we would have been caught sunnaian would have been alive.

Simar takes vikran to restricted area. SHe sasy theya re brought here and know one knows what happened to them. There are stitches marks on their bodies. Late, she finds no scares to prove vikran. The patient wakes up and says who you are ? Karthik says we are sorry. Do rest. Karthik says patienst are resting here lets go. Siamr syas vikean please stop they have changed it all. Look outside rom its written restricted area so no one cs come here. Karthik says this is restricted are so no one can disturb the patients. All the patients with critical conditions come here.
Simar says they are lying. Vikran says please stop it sunnaina. he takes her out with he. Baa nd karthik smile.

Scene 2
Sid sasy our simar is alive and you concealed that from us ? I kept asking you and you kept lying. roli says I wanted to tell all the family. When I met didi first she took me vow that I won’t tell anyone what could I do. Sid says what about our vow to say truth to each other always ? You forgot my promise. You had to lie to me because you had no faith in me. Your silence hs given me all the answers I will never pardon you for this. I will not keep quite I will tell the family everything and rest simar will tell the family. Roli says don’t do that. Sid says have you seen whast happening in our family ? Prem Is about to marry surbhi because he thinks siamr is dead. have you thought of surbh when she will figure out that simar is here. Three lives are at stake and you want me to be quite. This family ahs the right to know that the woman in this house is siamr not sunnaina. I am going to tell mata ji. Roli says please stop her life is endangered. Vikran has gone to bring her. I care about surbhi and prem but can you see simar’s house drowning ? I am helpless in front of situations. Untill we figure the whole truth out we can’t tell anyone. Sid says what truth ? She says let simar didi come home. Siamr did all this sacrifice to save me and this family. There has been a lot of injustice. I will try to bring the truth before the wedding starts let didi come back I will tell you everything. He nods and says all right. Roli hugs him.

Scene 3
There simar says please vikran listen to me they kill innocent people everyday. Vikran says stop it. Not a single more word I know my brother and baa they can’ do anything wrong. I gave you a chance to prove. I respect and trust you simar but that doesn’t mean I don’t trust my family. That’s impossible if it was someone else rather than you, he won’t have been able to stand on his feet. baa says daughter in law is never daughter but what can I say to you vikran ? You ahev hurt me for sunnaina second time. First when you married her against my well and now you are doubting me, simar says don’t lie to your son. Why are you pretending all this ? you know I am siamr. You killed sunnaina two years ago. Vikran says simar.. baa says that means she was right. you kept us in false. Don’t call me baa. You kept an unknown girl in my house. simar says don’t trust her she knows everything She is the one who has concealed something from you. her feet are absolutely right she can. Baa says I never knew that I will be this humiliated one day. Simar says I have one more proof. Baa says are you going to bring sunnaina’s ghost to prove now ? Do you wanna say that I have captured her like you. simar says yes exactly. Simar says in heart vikran will never trust this. Vikran says you crossed limits of all the lies today. You have no proof of what you are saying. My baa can’t walk yet you are saying she shoved sunnaina. You must have thought once. Enough of it now. Baa says that man who cam to our house was her husband ? Now I know she wanna go back to her family. Karthik says baa is right her mission is to go back to her family. Baa says do you remember sanju how scared she was when prem came to bring her ? Vikran says I can’t see my sanju in pain. He says siamr you ahev to fulfill the promise you have been since one year. listen one thing you have to be sunnaina for sanjua dn live with us. if you break your promise I will destroy your bharadwaj house.

Baa says for a mom there is nothing more than her kids. Simar says I have not deceived you believe me. baa says I will come and live with you in your bharadwaj house. I can’t keep you alone with sanju. Vikran sasy baa is right she will live with us in bhaaradwaj house.

Precap-Baa says you were trying to prove me wrong. It was your day today but the next days are mine and I will prove myself because vikran trusts me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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