Sasural Simar Ka 11th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 11th April 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 11th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Jahnvi says to simar and roli that they shouldn’t tell it to anyone. Karuna says khsuhi you don’t worry I am with you. Roli listens to her.
Everyone sits in the hall with jhanvi. Mata ji says thank Gos Bua ji accepted jhanvi. She will live their happily. Karuna says Mata ji Khushi wanna go in kitty party. I didn’t say yes but I don’t think there is any problem. Its good for her. Mata ji says I asked every member of family not to go but let her because I asked my family not to and she is not part of our family. Khushi is really happy.

Scene 2
Anurag is going to pick jhanvi bua ji says you are not going any where. I talked with love but you didn’t understand. I have no other option. SHe shows a poison and says I will take it if she comes here.

Khushi calls Verma and says they said no one from bharadwajs be the part of kitty party but I am coming as well. Soon this trend will be familiar to everyone. She calls some men and tells him that the plan is going well. Roli comes in Khushi pretends like she is talking to doctor. Roli says why kitty party is important than family for you ? Explain me. Khushi says I am going just to change the environment.

Anurag says to bua ji that we all love you why are you doing this to us. Shanti says jhanvi is so nice. Bhagti says please bua ji. Bua ji says listen if you don’t care about me do whatever you want.

Scene 3
Everyone is teasing jhanvi. Sujata says don’t tease her. Anurag is about to come. Get ready. Jhanvi calls Anurag. He is confused and receives the call. He says I was about to come. Bua ji says you can go if you want to but be reayd for my funeral. Jhanvi listens to it. Bua ji is taking the poison. Bhagti and shanti try to stop her. Anurag says jhanvi stopped me from doing a big mistake. WHen she got to know that you are not willing for her to come here she said she won’t come until you agree. Shanti says they both respect you. I met jhanvi so many times and I really liked her. She won my heart. You don’t know how much they love each other.

Scene 4
There whole family is waiting for jhanvi. Roli says we should tell the family. Simar says yeah you can’t conceal it anymore. She is about to tell but mata ji says they are here. Bua ji has come as well. Bua ji says sorry for being late jhanvi wanted me to come. Thye take jhanvi with all the love.

Simar and roli are thinking about the kitty party where in verma house meeting fro arrangments are going on.
They’re planning, Verma says no one will come from bhradwajs here. Simara nd Roli come there and say we wanna be part of this party as well. Verma says that can’t be done. Onlyif mata ji come here and says she doesn’t have any problem only then I can alloow you. Simar and roli leave. Verma says lets decide the chairman of kitty party.

Precap-Tow men come in with pans on their head. Its roli and simar disguised as cooks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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