Sarojini 6th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sarojini 6th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dushyanth telling Keshav mami that he will call police instead. Mama and Sarojini are shocked. Sarojini starts crying vigorously. Indira tries to console her. Sarojini asks mama to leave back to Delhi and not worry about her. He says how can he go leaving her in this condition. She says she will take care of herself. Indira says this happened as Soumendra is not here, else nobody would dare to confront him. Mama asks Sarojini to take care of herself and to call if needed and leaves.

Nirjhara performs graha pravesh pooja of Manisha and says when Soumendra gets well, she will perform graha pravesh of them both and for now she can enter with Soumendra’s pic by kicking rice filled bowl. Manisha kicks bowl like a football. Dushyanth says looks like she practiced football in childhood. Nirjhara then asks her to walks 7 steps on tokri and she does.

Sangram singh comes with gifts followed by Sarojini and Dadaji. Dushyanth says now she is choti bahu of this house. Sangram says though she is younger, she should rule this house and asks Dushyanth to ask whatever more dowry he needs, but he should let Manisha rule this house. Dushyanth says her words will be final in this house from hereon. Sangram gifts big plate full of gold jewelry to his daughter and a gun. Manisha asks why this gun. He says she is thakur Sangram singh’s daughter and is born to rule over this house and gun is needed for that.

Dushyanth asks Sapna to show Manisha Soumendra’s room and let her rest until villagers come for muh dikhayi/face viewing ritual. Manisha gives her jewelry plate to Sapna and shows gun. Sapna and Nirjhara take her to Soumendra’s room. She asks them to let her alone for sometime. Sapna says she looks like more educated than Sarojini and has started tantrums already. Nirjhara takes her out. Manisha looks at Soumendra’s pic and smiles.

Indira asks Dadaji why don’t they inform Soumendra. Dadaji says Soumendra will be still unconscious for some time. He calls doc who informs that Soumendra will not wake up for another 2-3 hours. He then asks Sarojini to forget about mud dikhayi, villagers, etc., and elope with Soumendra to Delhi. She asks how can she as Soumendra is still ill. Indira says she has to, else she will be in big trouble.

Dushyanth tells his puppets that they got both 100 crores contract and got rid of Sarojini. Nirjhara asks what if Sarojini creates problem as she may not keep quiet now. He says he will handle her. Manisha looks at soumendra’s pic and says he is hers forever now.

Precap: Manisha holds gun on Sarojini and says she will not meet Sarojini. Sarojini says she is Soumendra’s wife legally and nobody here can stop her from meeting her husband.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I love the pre cab

  2. tis show should be named torture. ..i feel so sorry for sarojini

  3. It looks like Mahima’s entry will change things. Sarojini has to fight for her place and her husband. I hope we get to to the Sarojini who does not tolerate injustice. The dress looks like it has changed, Mahima isn’t dressed like the other women. She’s throwing her weight around already. She’s going to point that gun at them one day and shoot someone. She’s moved into Somendra’s room that means there’s nothing stopping him from moving in with Sarojini.

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