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Sarojini 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
sarojini slaps rishab tight across his face, and asks how could he kill her soumu, and asks why did he do it, when he could have saved him, and asks how could he do this, when he is such a good friend of soumu. she asks him to tell the truth. she grabs his collar and gets berserk. he says that he isnt soumu’s friend. they are all aghast. she asks why he did so. the police asks her to refrain and not get violent. she is disappointed. granny says that she knew he isnt right, but ne ver thought he could stoop so low. she says that he shall die the toughest death. she asks how was he living. she says that she knows he came here, only so that he could betray her,and the family, save himself, and play with the family’s emotions. she continues reprimanding and cursing him. dadaji clutches at his chest, with the minor heart attack, and all atend to him. rishab tries to touch him. she warns him not to even dare touch him, as he isnt capable and deservant of this too. he asks if he is okay. sarojini tells him that he spoiled her family, and took away her soumu. rishab is tensed. she asks how dare he saw dreams of marrying her, having made her a widow first. she asks if he isnt ashamed of himself, and asks if he even is a human. granny too continuously curses him. Nirjhara eyes rishab and gets emotional. they handcuff him. On granny’s command, rishab is taken away by the police. sarojini in her state of despair and disturbed frenzy, she breaks off things, and then destroys the entire romantic decor that he had set up for proposing to her. she finally resignedly collapses on the floor, while all watch tensed, as she cries inconsolably.

All wait anticipatedly, while the doctor inspects dadaji. they are eager, when the doctor says that the bp elevated, and now he needs to rest. then prescribes some meds, and then leaves. all stand tensedly. dadaji apologises to sarojini, while she begs him not to trouble himself, as they are all wrong, in identifying him. bhaskar is unable to believe it too, after the way he mixed up with them. nirjhara is boggled. granny laments at the way they were planning to make him a part of the family, and that its good, that she got to know by god’s grace. nirjhara asks how did she get to know, as she went to meet her friend. but granny says that she went to meet rishab’s aunt, to enquire as to what is it, that would make them hate rishab, and the aunt says that they found the eyewitness to the incident, who says that rishab did this. granny asks her why is she telling the truth, when she is related to rishab. she says that she knows how simple and kind hearted they are, and what if they get to know the truth after the marriage. they are all shocked to heaer this. granny says that now he shall be punished and they shall be relieved. nirjhara walks out boggled. sarojini is tensed and confused herself.

Sarojini eyes soumu’s pic, in her room, saying that she never faced such a big betrayal, but she knew that he wouldnt let anything wrong happen to her, and that she wont sit quiet till the law punishes him. she is set to thinking, and then rushes to his room, and takes out all of his clothes. bhaskar and sapna see this, and he talks about how he suffered a loss, even though soumu got justice. she asks him not to think about profit in this. he talks about his business plans ruining. she then eyes the lord, and discusses that he used to talk to the lord, then why the lord delayed his truth to be exposed. she asks them to have this stuff thrown out, and that noone shall speak of him, in this house, hence forth. bhaskar is about to get to it, when nirjhara stops him, and asks him not to. sarojini asks whats she doing. Nirjhara asks sarojini not to reach any final conclusions before seeing everything. sarojini asks what does she mean. She says that she doesnt know, but she cant believe that rishab can kill soumu. sarojini is shocked, and asks whats wrong, and how can she side with him. nirjhara says that she isnt siding, but what she saw, honesty in his eyes. sarojini asks whats it, as he himself confessed. nirjhara says that his eyes were saying something else, and maybe he was under some compulsion. sarojini asks how can she be with the person who killed her son. she walks out.

In the verahdah, sarojini is distraught as she finds sapna clearing the rose petals strewn around for her proposal, from rishab, and remembers all the times that he stood by her and her family. Indira comes and asks her to compose herself, and asks her to let be, and see how its good, that the truth was revealed before the marriage. sarojini is in desperate tears. Later, sarojini tells soumu, that she shall have rishab punished, so that he regrest it all his life, and shall make him tell the truth. just then, the phone rings and she receives it, and after listening to it, she says that she shall come rightaway.

In her room, nirjhara apologises to soumu, that a mother’s heart says, that she always felt the one who snatched him from her, should be pained so much, so that he understands what she feels. but when she felt that this mistake is done by rishab, a mother’s heart is itself saying, that rishab cant be wrong, and that his intention was not to separate him from her.

In dadaji’s room, granny starts pointing out how she isnt emotional, and even though the entire family thought that she is wrong, but she went on, and proved the truth to everyone. sarojini comes and asks how he feels. he says that he is fine. granny asks where is she going. she says that she is going to the police station, for some case related formalities. bhaskar says that he shall go with her. but nirjhara says that he nednt bother, as she shall go with her. sarojini asks her not to be emotional unnecessarily, as she finds everyone good natured like her, but he is simply guilty. granny asks what she means. sarojini tells her what nirjhara feels, and she stands tensed. granny asks her if she has gone mad, and asks if granny is herself is lying. Indira too tells nirjhara that she is wrong. but nirjhara is defiant, that whatever it is, she would talk to him again. dadaji intervenes, and says that if that satisfies her, then she should go, as she shouldnt be living with regret. they both leave.

Scene 2:
Location: Police station
The inspector calls the aunt, and informs of rishab’s arrest. she says that she shall reach in sometime. she thinks that she has decided to separate them, and succeeded too, and now this marriage wont happen, and the truth of the accident wont come out too.

Later, sarojini comes with nirjhara related to the formalities. while she talks to the inspector, nirjhara goes to rishab, who looks away, embarassed. she asks him not to turn away, and look at her in the eye, and tell her whats the truth. sarojini is alert and comes to her. she asks him to speak up, as she wishes to listen to him speak the truth. as rishab sits with his head hung low, nirjhara asks him if he actually killed her son. he doesnt say anything, but looks up and eyes sarojini and looks down. sarojini asks her to stay away from the murderer, as nothing is left to talk now, and since he has much money, then he can bribe his way out of bars. Sarojini says that if he is saved from here, she would appeal in high court, but shall ensure that he is punished. he eyes her tensedly. she takes nirjhara away, while they both keep eyeing each other, nirjhara not wanting to believe it. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: The aunt asks sarojini what she means. she shows the aunt a video. she sees that its the same day that soumu was killed, and how, being inside the car, with rishab, stopped him, from going out, and helping him, as they shall be implicated unnecessarily. she is shocked. rishab is aghast to know the reality too, that she was after all this. The aunt says that he had fallen in love with the girl, and forgotten all their plans. sarojini says that the truth had to come out, as the lord wanted her to be punished. the aunt takes the inspector’s pistol in disgust and aims at sarojini. they are all shocked to see this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Kya episode tha… only mother can feel that if her child is guilty or not as nirjhara felt for rishab….

  2. Sarojini needs to calm down and think before she act, because most of the times she has to apologize. the granny told her he killed her husband and she has already tried, convict him and is ready to execute him without a shred of proof.

    The mother may be a simple house wife but she ask the right question,how did granny know the truth and why would his own family reveal the truth.

    waiting to see what they dish out tomorrow.

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    I am not able to comment on 28 april but i am commenting her, so plz update 29 april episode fast….

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