Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 25th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Aparshakti and Sargam are able to win the dance competation

Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 25th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The entire neighborhood along with the Awasthi family are celebrating the Holi, Goldi asks Alukik where are the ladoo, he responds that Aparshakti is bringing them, Chedilal asks them all to see the cooler which would be his, Asthik exclaims that it has not become his and then they all go to eat the sweets.

Appu comes to the function with Sargam, they both are not able to meet with each other and Appu finally asks Sargam to not move and then asks if she would not greet everyone Holi, they then enter while Appu is really worried about what would happen.

Chedilal is with the cooler exclaiming that it is his when Gupta comes asking what he means when the cooler doesnot even belong to him, Chedilal asks if he thinks thee is anyone in the society who can match the dance steps of Sargam and Appu, Chedilal sits on the swing when a lady comes asking how his health is and would he not apply colour on her face, he applies it on Gupta who asks him to apply it on the lady.

Asthik asks why did the daughter have to come on the function because now his entire function would be ruined so they must help him.
Appu is with Sargam when Alukik comes asking where are the ladoo because Goldi is constantly asking for them, Asha also comes asking what did Alukik say because he was asking him, Alukik responds that he said Aparshakti but Goldi is so worried about the ladoo that he cannot listen, Appu shows the remaining ladoo, they all question where the ladoo are and Appu responds that she has eaten them all, Appu scolds Alukik asking why he had to hide them in the kitchen. Asha and Alukik question where Sargam is so Appu says that she is sitting beside him however Asha scolds him asking if he has also taken Bhang because Sargam is not behind him, Appu screams after turning, he wonders where could she have gone then Alukik points at Sargam who is with Pinki jee.

Sargam and Pinki je both wish each other happy Holi, Pinki jee says that she would first apply the colour on her face, Sargam closes her eyes and she applies just a little colour, then Pinki jee closes her eyes Sargam then applies a lot of the colour, seeing which Appu and Asha both get tensed then Appu tries to explain to Sargam that she should apply the colour like her mother using just the two fingers, Sargam however says that they are not in South Delhi but in Ghaziabad so the function would also be like their society. Pinki jee tries to leave however is stopped by Sargam.

Gupta je while hosting the function explains that just like all the previous year’s functions this year there would also be a couple dance and the winner of the contest would get a room cooler, everyone starts clapping when Chedilal after standing says that they should not get excited because he would surely be the winner of the room cooler.

The dance competition starts with the couples giving their performance one by one meanwhile Sargam is constantly eating and is not able to quench her hunger, she eats to the extent that all the coupons of the family have been exhausted and finally Asha comes to them with the sweets, he gets angry on Appu saying that he has not been able to have a single bite, Appu gets tensed wondering if this is the extent of hunger after having the Bhang. Asha says that they have to be on the dance floor however Appu is worried that Chedilal would kill him if he sees that Sargam is under the influence of drugs. Appu after turning sees Pinki jee having Thandhai with a lady.

Pinki jee is shock asks if she is being asked to dance with Asha, Appu reveals that she is being asked to dance with him and not Asha, She asks what has happened to Sargam, Alukik reveals she has had the ladoo filled with Bhang so cannot dance then Appu mentions that if Chedilal sees her like this on the stage then would surely kill him, Pinki jee asks how can it happen because everyone would recognize that she is not his wife however Appu says that they would select such a song where she would have to cover her face. Pinki je agrees on one condition that Asha would allow her to park her scooty in front of their house without saying even a single word, Gupta je announces that the next performance is by Appu and Sargam.

Appu assures Pinki jee that her demands would be fulfilled, Sargam meanwhile enters the stage so Alukik explains that she has entered the stage, Appu doesnot understand then Asha has to scold him and after realizing the truth he gets worried and immediately runs to the stage where Sargam has started the dance, Chedilal is not able to understand her steps, Appu also joins her while Chedilal is worried, Asha and Alukik are able to shift Sargam with Pinki jee and the dance once again continues, Asthik is feeling uncomfortable because the lady is constantly coming after him however Eklawya doesnot let him leave.

Sargam tries to leave the backstage where she is shocked to see that the Grandfather is dancing, she tries to call Asha however he pushes her away which angers her, so she walks on the stage after pushing them both, she starts the dance which everyone enjoys and even falls on the ground which really angers Chedilal however she wins, but he is still really angry.

Chedilal questions why they dared bring Bhang into their house when they are aware of the fact that no one in their family even touches Bhang and Sargam herself hates it, Alukik seeks permission to speak then asks Appu to say it himself, Appu explains that no one in their family brought the Bhang but rather it was Goldi and from him Alukik brought it, they were still not going to have Bhang.

Sargam after interrupting them stands mentioning how she saw Grandfather dancing on his feet at the backstage, she once again questions him when Asthik comments that Goldi brought very high-quality Bhang. Appu also mentions that this has gotten very far, seeing the opportunity the Grandfather also starts laughing saying that he would show them the dance, Asha stops him mentioning that he should not be so emotional because he cannot walk, grandfather also says that he forgot he cannot walk, then thinks that he was saved and no one knew he can walk, Alukik comes to sit with him asking if he thought of anything because he felt some vibes.

Gupta je announces the winner, Awasthi family is heartbroken that they would not be able to win however are joyed when it is announced that Appu and Sargam are the winner, Gupta je mentions that the judges thought the way Sargam danced was commendable. Chedilal is joyed that he won the cooler, but they do not find it, Sargam points to a thief who is taking it and the entire society runs after the thief.

Sargam brings the tea asking Asha to turn on the fan, he says that it is switched on, but the light has gone, Chedilal vows to never turn on the cooler, they then wonder why the light is gone, Eklawya says that he has plugged his mobile, he then taking it out hints that the problem might be in the socket and not the cooler, they plug the cooler in another plug and it is running smoothly without causing the lights to go off.

Precap: Appu get a stuck against an electric, the family is able to save him from the pole. Appu wakes up but doesnot recognize his house and even Sargam, Chedilal explains she is his wife to which Appu questions why the uncle is shouting, Eklawya reveals that the doctor mentioned that sometimes the patient of an electric shock suffers memory loss, this worries the entire family.

Update Credit to: Sona

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