Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 24th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Holi Party and Sargam eat bhang ladoos

Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 24th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode start with holi celebrations.
Chedy tell everyone that he clean cooler, asha ask him to retire. Aastik tell Its time to sale this cooler and buy new one. It never provide cool hair. Sargam come shouting on all brothers stating who spoiled roof by cleaning cooler, I shall slap that person. Appu tell papa did, sargam tell its looking new. Papa starts cooler and drip falls. Everyone ask chedy to retire this dead cooler and buy new one. Papa ask them to give yours. Others run away using differnt iideas. Dadaji even tell he will not give his cooler to chedy.

Everyone enjoy choti holi, when Eklavya tell them that its holi celebration around with 200 rupees each. Chedy denies, but Eklavya tell that it has couple dance competition and get cooler in prize.. Chedy ask Sargam and Appu to take part and win cooler in prize. Sargam and Appu try to deny but chedy tell my DIL will make me win..

Goldy bhai give bhang to Aaulakik to hide for one day, otherwise papa will kill me.. Aaulakik tell even my papa and bhabhi will kill me, but Goldy emotionally blackmail him stating we brought your shop for your operation, now atleast help me, by hiding bhang in laddoo. Aaulakik agrees.

Appu and Sargam practice on dance, when appu see aaulakik going to kitchen. Aaulakik mix bhaang in motichoor laddo.. Appu tell that why you mixed in this laddo, its sargam favrouit. Appu ask aaulakik to hide them. Aaulakik hide them on uper side of shelf..
Appu and Sargam practice hard to win competition.

Next day Appu wish Sargam happy holi and they enjoy their romantic moment. Appu and sargam tell everything will we fine till 40 yrs of our age. Later appu ask about bhang laddoo. Aaulakik tell i hidden on uper shelf. Sargam look for gulal and find laddo and start eating them.
Male members of family do their traditional thing, by touching feet and passing 11 rs. To each other and wish holi mubarak.. chedi tell akki to give 11rs. To me, otherwise you will lose. Aualkik tell appu to bring bhang laddoos.

Chedy tell everyone to leave for venue, while Eklavaa tell I shall not come adue to my exams. Appu ask sargam to leave, when he see sargam ate all bhang ladoos. Chedy and others leave in one auto by adjusting on one another.
Sargam get high after eating bhang ladoos and start seeing 2-3 things. Appu think what to do now??

Precap:- Sargam eat too much and play holi to shocking everyone.

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