Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sargam is finally able to expose the truth about Baba

Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 20th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baba comes out, the entire media personal start questioning him when Asha says that he will not talk, Pinki jee comes before Baba praising him for his knowledge mentioning that she has heard all his knowledge enables all those who come to him to leave with a suitable future, he asks what is the problem after which Pinki Jee mentions that he is so knowledgeable so can himself tell her what problem she is facing, he however explains that there is a big problem in her life and he has a solution but would tell it tomorrow, The reporter asks him to solve the problem if he is really so knowledgeable at which the Baba says that he desires to be a anchor and not a reporter, the reporter is really glad and then says that he doesn’t have the time to reveal the answer so would say it tomorrow and also must leave now, the reporter asking the camera man to turn starts saying a lot of bad things for his boss exclaiming that now he would be the boss.

The next day Sargam is standing beside Sushmita when Asthik comes asking what the matter is and why is she not doing anything to stop the wedding, Sargam says that there is sometimes no need to do anything when a lot of things are in motion because they in turn cause a lot of problems, she leaves when Asthik sees Aishwarya and gets nervous, he then leaves her standing beside Sushmita.

Baba comes to the function, he forces Chedilal to give the money and then sees Sargam, he going to her asks why is she not trying to stop the marriage, Sargam mentions that she doesnot need any solution which he is saying because she has started to believe in him and will not do anything that will harm his reputation, Pinki jee comes calling to Baba who doesnot even recognize her, she mentions that he asked her to come back tomorrow so she has arrived, baba then sitting explains that she is worried if she would get married to the boy so if she wears the purple colour lipstick for three days then she would surely be married at which Pinki jee gets worried asking if she can wear any other colour however he says she can only wear the purple colour.

Chedilal is standing with Asha at the door to receive the guests when the mother of Pinki jee comes, she is properly dressed, Chedilal asks what has she done to her hair, she explains that it is the advice of Baba jee to get the love of her life, she starts walking around Chedilal, Asha asks who the person is, she reveals that she loves the son of Chedilal, however seeing Baba she rushes to him so as to give the money and also ask for some other advice.

Gupta enters the house dressed as a Baba himself, Chedilal starts laughing questioning what is he doing, he also reveals that it is the idea of Baba and he has only one mission, he has bought one shop from Chedilal and would also buy the second shop really soon because problems will not let Chedilal live while he will not let him die and even has the cheque ready, he then also rushes to meet the Baba.
Alukik is helping Appu get ready for the wedding, he exclaims that Sargam would be really tensed as she has said yes while being in pressure after which Appu decides to not marry her, Asthik and Eklawya both congratulate him, Asha comes asking what is taking so long because Baba is waiting, Asthik reveals that he has decided to not marry, Asha scolds them asking what they are doing because they have gotten good news after a long time, Sargam also comes questioning what is taking so long so she herself helps Appu in getting ready.
The reporter explains they have gotten the permission to cover the wedding, he explains they would see the wedding of Appu and Sushmita, Baba asks them to get aside and then asks Appu to p[lace the Varmala in the neck of Sushmita, reporter asks how would Sushmita make him wear the varmala, Alukik reveals that Baba has an idea and when sushi would hit the ball it will hit the Varmala which will slide on the neck of Appu, they then start the ritual of circles, Sushmita doesnot move Appu looks to Sargam who asks him to go along, she gets a call so leaves the pooja, the assistant of Baba also follows her.

Sargam answers the call to find Pinki jee, Sargam asks why she is crying so Sargam asks her to come as Baba would provide the solution the assistant hears it and goes to baba, Sushmita is not moving but when Sargam says, Small instances cause immense happiness: She starts moving, Sargam leans to the reporter saying that he should not leave as he will get a breaking news really soon.

Sargam asks him to count till three and when he does, Pinki comes calling to Baba saying that she has been ruined, Baba asks her to wait and let the circles happen first, Pinki jee says that he claims to have all the knowledge then would know what the problem, Baba looks to his assistant and then says that she is worried because her relation has ended and should not worry as he would bring even a more suitable boy for her marriage, however Sargam asks if Pinki would really get married to an American personal but he would go to jail now, Baba then says that they are telling a lie when Asthik takes the tablet of his assistant and shows how he has a tablet and he gets a message for all the problems, Asha asks then how did they get the orders so they say that they were all fake calls, Sargam reveals that he is a fake and was planning to run away after taking the money from them, she takes out the tickets to Bengal, Baba tries to run away however Appu catches him, they all plan to hit him but Sargam stops them.

Chedilal and Appu praise Sargam saying that she believed there is nothing of the sort when they all were blinded by superstition at which Sargam says that there is nothing which a person cannot do by his own will so they must also work hard.

Bangilal jee explains that since they have incurred such expense then why not get Aishwarya married to one of his sons, Chedilal asks if he would split the bill then he allows Aishwarya to choose any of his sons, she selects Asthik which delights Chedilal however Asthik is not ready to get married so runs from them all upstairs refusing to come down, Aishwarya and Bubbli both call him which makes him nervous.

Precap: Alukik takes food for his ghosts, he turns to see the food is gone and exclaims that the ghost of their mother has come back, Sargam also reveals she saw her mother-in-law in her dream who was scolding her for not listening to her, Alukik suggests that she should go back to sleep if she desires to know what their mother was trying to say.

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