Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Asha unknowingly drinks half of the bottle which Chedilal plans to sell

Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 12th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Appu pleads with Chedilal to stand with him in the video as it is just a small video however Chedilal says that he cannot do the acting and Appu should ask someone else, Appu forces him to come and stand, Appu then starts the video revealing that a person might seem innocent just like the person however they must not believe his face because he is an alcoholic who drives after drinking in the night, Chedilal getting mad says that Appu must not even talk of the alcohol because no one in his house talks of the drink, Asthik coming asks that they can have a bottle in the house, Chedilal doesnot remember then they explain that Himanshu gifted him the bottle on the last Diwali which he promised to throw in the river the next day and had it locked in the store, Chedilal gets tensed saying that he forgot and the bottle has been in his house for the past year, he vows to throw it in the evening, he orders them to ask Sargam to take out the bottle from the store using the metal utensil.

Appu is running on the stairs, he is about to bump into Sargam however explains he is looking for the charger, seeing Asha he asks about it who says that it is in the room, Appu realizes there is something wrong, he goes to Asha who orders him to leave, Appu asks him to move, he gets shocked after realizing that Asha is drinking, Appu asks if it is the same bottle which their father is planning to throw in the river, Appu gets shocked seeing that the bottle is half empty, he asks Asha for how long has he been drinking, Asha explains that he drinks a little every time he gets tensed as his Bhabhi has ruined the life causing such tension. Appu explains that he would have thought to end the bottle since father is planning to throw it, Appu once again asks for a drink since they are also planning to throw the bottle, Asha hands the bottle to Appu who starts drinking.

Chedilal is trying to reason with the auto driver to take him to the river however the auto driver says that he would pay him more if he takes him there however Gupta comes saying that they must leave when Chedilal asks why is he ruining as he has to go to the river and throw the bottle of alcohol, Chedilal is not able to understand when Gupta reveals that he sold his bottle to the alcoholic for six thousand rupees and even says the contact number to Chedilal who also agrees to sell his bottle.

Sargam is cooking in the kitchen while also scolding Asha and Appu for drinking, they both try to explain themselves however she is not in the mood, questioning what kind of grief did they witness to start drinking, Asha explains that his heart is filled with remorse and pain, once before his life was ruined by his wife and now she also wants to break his heart after which he would become an alcoholic so they will find him in the drain, she is free to tell Chedilal if this is what she desires however Sargam agrees to accept his reason, She tuning to Appu asks what is his excuse because his life doesnot have any remorse, Appu says that he drank it because Sargam asked him to in the party, Sargam immediately clarifies that it was just for a single time because they were serving the glasses, they both say that if she tells Chedilal then he would ask the reason, she would also be in trouble.

Chedilal comes calling Sargam, she says that he can drink it which worries Chedilal, he comes asking if they have thrown the bottle, Sargam explains they have not because he was about to throw it today, so should they but Chedilal says that they do not have to throw it because he has made a deal with the alcoholic and Gupta also sold his bottle to the alcoholic last year for a price of six thousand, Asthik comes from the back covered, he feels that it is the Alcoholic asking if he has come already when Asthik says that it is him, Chedilal asks him to go, he instructs Sargam to pick it without touching it with her hands, Asha and Appu are worried when Chedilal says acts as if he can smell something but leaves.

Asha asks Appu how much money did he bring, Appu explains that he has fifteen hundred, Asha asks for some more however Appu says that Asha drank the entire bottle while he had only a little, Asha inquires if he would talk in such a manner forgetting how he used to get him soft drinks, Appu explains that he remembers, he then asks Eklawya, he answers that he was not even born and doesnot drink soft drinks, Alukik comes requesting to also give then takes out five rupees however Asha gives him back, he orders Alukik to take the money and bring the same bottle, Sargam tries to tell Chedilal the truth however stops when Appu blackmails her. Sargam asks them to remember their promise, Appu warns Alukik to not get stuck with his ghosts, Sargam once again asks them to remember their promise then leaves.

Chedilal is bargaining with the knife sharpener instructing him to fill it properly this time when he asks him to look back and see if it is his son, Chedilal is shocked to see that it is Alukik standing at the wine shop, Chedilal asks what is he doing there when Alukik explains that he is getting the change of two thousand rupees, Chedilal is really mad and asks Alukik to take the change and leave, Chedilal sends him away however Alukik hides behind the shop.

Sargam brings tea for Asha and Appu, Sargam asks if he also wants to have it in small shots, Grandfather tries to explain that he cannot do anything in large amounts and is not worried, Asha asks him to not talk about his pressure while they are having eating, they are worried why Alukik is not coming.

Chedilal once again comes to get it sharpened when he once again points at Alukik, Chedilal pulls Alukik from his ears asking what is he doing at the wine shop again, Alukik reveals that he came to give back the change as he taught them an easy way to spend less, Alukik once again asks when he would leave, Chedilal threatens to cut his hair if he doesnot leave, Alukik runs after getting scared.

Asha and Appu are happy that Alukik brought the bottle however he takes out the vegetable and when they ask he explains that their father is at the corner shop, he even threatened to cut his hair so he would not go again.

Chedilal comes explaining that the alcoholic is waiting outside ethe house, he asks Sargam if she took out the bottle, she doesnot know what to do however he asks her to bring it

Precap: Appu and Asha plan to make a hole under the bottle and say to Chedilal that it leaked, they pour it in the medicine bottle which Asthik drinks, he starts talking rudely with Chedilal informing what his Guru jee said to him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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