Saraswatichandra 9th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 9th September 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 9th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pramad confronting Kumud. He asks her where did you go. Kumud does not answer him. Kalika comes to them. Pramad says my wife asked you not to my work, leave from here. Kalika leaves. Kumud looks on puzzled. Pramad looks at Kumud and show her his wounds. Kumud understands and goes to him. Kumud is hesitant. She does his first aid while he stares at her. He shows the wound on his face too. Kumud goes near him and does the first aid. He says if you are feeling bad, then don’t do. She sayts I m your wife, this is my duty. He says so it means I can also think of you as my wife, right? He says I listened to you everytime and closes the door. He says I m doing a husband’s duty, so I should get the husband’s right. Kumud looks at him. Saras is in his room

thinking Pramad can take out the anger on Kumud. He gets worried and goes out. Pramad gets closer to Kumud and asks her to give him the husband’s right if she feels he is her husband. He asks her to consummate the marriage and holds her. He pushes her onto the bed and sits by her side. He starts touching her and Kumud is feeling awful. He holds her and says why are you afraid, you want to become my wife right? He says don’t worry and covers her head with the ghunghat and says this is our suhaag raat. He says I should see how beautiful you are.

He says lets complete the suhaagraat which was incomplete that night. He closes the light and Kumud says before coming closer to me, its necessary that our hearts get closer. She says this will be by force and you will be apart from your duty. Pramad says I always miss doing my full duty, so let it be. Saras is on the way. Pramad says why are you afraid, I won’t be able to give you happiness if you are afraid. He takes her with him. Kumud says leave me. Pramad drinks wine and puts in a glass for Kumud. She looks at it shocked. She asks her to drink it. Kumud says no. He insists. Kumud says I can’t. He makes her drink it by force. She coughs and throws the glass. He says you left this, I will have it. He stares at her and holds her. She says leave me. He pushed her on the bed while she looks at him. She runs away from him. Saras hears the sound of something breaking and runs to save Kumud. Kumud says go from here, else I will shout. Pramad is angry on the peak. Saras comes running. Pramad leaves. Kumud coughs and fells dizzy. She goes outside the room. Saras sees the things upside down and wonders where is Kumud. He says Pramad…. and thinks of Kumud.
Kumud is drunk and unable to walk. She keeps coughing and comes to the kitchen to take water. Saras comes to her and sees her state. He is shocked to see her in such state. Kumud washed her face and he looks at her. She sees him and falls. Saras holds her. Pramad comes to Kalika and tells her that Kumud warned him. Kalika says I knew this, she won’t let you touch her. He says I don’t want to. Kalika says then why did you lift her. Pramad says she fasted for me but warned me today that if I touch her, she will call everyone. Pramad holds Kalika and thinks how Saras has beaten him. Kalika says why are you angry on me. She taunts him. He says if you know, then why did you send me, to get me insulted. Kalika says beat me if you want. She says you don’t have this right on your wife. Saras and Kumud are in the kitchen and he stares at her shocked. Kumud looks at him and cries. She is unable to stand. Kuch na Kahe…. plays in the background. Saras is worried for her seeing her miserable condition.
He gives her his hanky. She takes it and wipes her face. She signs she is fine and walks away. He follows her. She comes back to her room crying. He too sheds out some tears and looks at her. She closes the door and sits crying. He stands outside the door feeling her every bit of pain.

It morning, Pramad comes out of Kalika’s room and knocks his door. Kumud wakes up. Pramad’s mum sees Pamad outside the door and questions him. Kalika comes there. Pramad’s mum asks her to ask where was Pramad. Kalika says we should think why he was not in his room and taunts Kumud. She says its Kumud’s duty to stay time with him. Pramad’s mum walks out. Kalika wonders why she did not say anything and thinks her work is done.

Saras says Pramad has gone out of the limit. He has a talk with Kumud. Kumud says Pramad is under the effect of Kalika. She has mixed poison in his life. Kalika comes and hears this.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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