Saraswatichandra 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 9th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras talking to the agent. Saras says don’t you know NOC is important and we were fools to come in your bad idea. The agent says cool down, I will talk to the secretary. He leaves. Kabir and Anushka bump into each other and her phone falls and breaks. She scolds him. He asks till when will your project go on. She says I don’t know, but I will stay here. Kabir taunts her. They have an argument. She leaves angrily. Kabir says I have to do something to make her go from here. The agent tells Saras that the secretary is not agreeing. Saras says thanks for help, please go. The agent leaves.

Saras says no one is cooperative her, Ratnagiri was so good. She says calm down. Saras says I m sorry to react like this. He gets his travel agent’s Shastri’s call who invites him in his son’s Mundan. Saras says we are in Mumbai. Saras asks him does he have his marriage certificate. He says I have its scanned copy in my computer. Saras says mail me now itself, and congrats for mundan. Saras gets happy and says come now. Kabir says I really can’t take it anymore, have to something to go her go forever, how to make her run from here, think Kabir, what to do, cockroach, yes. I will scare her that she will run back to Mumbai.

He looks for cockroach and does not get any. He says there is only one room where I can get cockroach. Saras gets the marriage certificate and calls the secretary. He says we got the marriage certificate, no, its real, not like pics, thanks a lot, sorry for pics. He ends the call and tells Kumud that we can come to take our NOC. Saras says I will talk to Prashant. Saras calls Prashant and tells him we will get the NOC, we want to take our luggage, when can we come. Prashant says I m out, for a meeting, I will come cancelling the meeting. Saras says no, we will come in evening, and thanks. Prashant says you are welcome, bye.

Kumud says what to do till evening. Saras says I have a plan. She says Mumbai Darshan. He says very smart wifey, come. She smiles. Kabir looks for the cockroach in Anushka’s room. He says she is a devil in a girl’s body looking at her pic. He thinks of her words and says looks further. He is irritated seeing pink everywhere. He says maybe the cockroach run away hearing her non stop talk.

Everyone sit in the living room and have a talk. Vidyachatur tells about some ghosts in the village and Anushka is scared hearing this. Kabir looks for cockroach. Danny sees him and asks what is he doing. Kabir signs nothing. Vidychatur asks Kabir what is he finding. Kabir says yes cockroach. Anushka reacts. Kabir says no, my phone. Anushka says he is cooking something. Saras and Kumud go to Mumbai’s sight seeing. Some beautiful sights are shown. Saras says you are looking more beautiful than before. She says what are you doing, anyone can see. He says everyone is busy in themselves, no one will see. Saras gets romantic and she smiles.

Danny says Kabir you will get the phone, come and sit with us, Kaka is telling ghost stories. Kabir says he saw a female ghost and Anushka looks at him. Vidyachatur continues the ghost story which used to say Jaagte Raho at nights. Kabir notices Anushka getting scared of the ghost. Danny says don’t be serious Anushka, ghosts does not exist. She says din’ make fun of it, it exists. Kabir thinks looks like she is much scared of ghosts and smiles.

Kumud says everyone are doing so much work here. Saras says right. She says I m feeling hungry. He asks what will you have. She says Anushka said something about Panipuri. Kumud and Saras have panipuri and like it. She acts like coughing and smiles. He gets worried and brings water. She laughs. He says I don’t like such jokes, don’t do this. He gets annoyed. She comes to him and they soend the time looking at the sea waves. She goes near the sea and asks him to come. Saras takes her pics. She says its looking so good from here. He says yes, it looks beautiful. She says yes, its peaceful. O piya………..plays………… Saras takes their pics and they have a rocking day going through the markets. Saras goes somewhere and Kumud panics not seeing him. She looks for him. Saras comes to her and she beats him. He brings a gift for her.

Kumud says I can walk all my life holding your hand. He says till your hand is in my hand, everything good will happen.

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