Saraswatichandra 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saraswati asking Saras to touch Ghuman’s feet and take her blessings. Ghuman says lets do the rituals and finish the marriage. Saras looks at Kumud. Saraswati says yes, hurry up/ She takes Saras to the mandap. Everyone is upset. The pandit asks them to sit fast. Saras says he can’t do this marriage. Everyone looks on. Saraswati asks why, what did you say and reacts badly again. Kumud hides and hears them. Saras says I….. The power goes. Danny goes to see and switch on the lights. Saras is shocked seeing Saraswati missing. He calls out Maa and looks for her. He shouts Kumud and Maa. He asks Badimaa where is Kumud. Everyone look for them. Ghuman stands silently. Badimaa says Kumud was here, where did they go. Danny looks at Ghuman.

Saras asks Yash and Kabir to look in the house and they leave. Saras asks Danny to keep an eye on Ghuman and not let her go anywhere. Danny nods yes. Danny faces Ghuman. Kusum too guards her. Saras gets angry and says if anything happens to my mum or wife, I will not live you alive. He leaves. Ghuman gets tensed. Danny scolds Ghuman and blames for all this happenings. Kusum calls Ghuman an animal and says this won’t affect her. Danny asks what do you want. Ghuman says enough, did you not hear what your wife said, do you want me to forgive these people who have sent me to jail, never, I came to take revenge of my insult and I will take it.

Kumud brings Saraswati out and says Chandra wil come with Aarti. Saraswati is shocked seeing the lake. Saras looks for them on the roads. Saraswati says water…. And shouts Chandra. Kumud says come with me, Chandra will come. Kumud takes her inside the lake. Saras asks few people and comes towards that place. Kumud leaves Saraswati in water inside the lake and she struggles in water. Kumud holds her hand. Saras comes to the temple and a man shows him a direction. Saraswati dips inside and Kumud brings her up. Saraswati recalls her suicide and how little Chandra shouted to stop her. The FB shows Saraswati’s suicide attempt.

She says Chandra and gives her hand. Saras comes running there at that point. Kumud says Maa and hugs her. She brings her out of water. Saras comes there and is shocked seeing her. He shouts Maa and looks at her. They bring Saraswati home. Everyone wait for her to come to her senses. Saras warms her hands. Saraswati gets conscious and sees everyone around. Kumud stands behind. Saraswati sees everyone and gets up. She sees Badimaa and says Dugba. Everyone is stunned and smile. Badimaa says Saraswati and hugs her. Saras is glad. Badimaa says you identified me. Saraswati says yes and everyone cry with happiness. Saraswati says you were my only friend, how are you, are you fine. Badimaa says yes. Badimaa looks at Saras and asks him to come.

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Saraswati looks at him. Kabir looks at them standing far. Badimaa says see Saraswati, he is your elder son Chandra. Saraswati is amazed and can’t believe it. Ghuman feels her failure. Saras hugs his Maa and cries. She says why did you not come before and cries. He says I m with you. Everyone talk to Saraswati. Saraswati sees Vidyachatur and asks Guniyal about her elder daughter Kumud. Guniyal looks at Kumud and shows her. Kumud comes forward.

Saraswati calls Kumud and hugs her with love. She says she has grown up, she was very small. Everyone smile. Saras says Kumud and I have married. Saraswati says my bahu is very beautiful and blesses them. Saraswati says I told you I will take your daughter home. Kumud says this is your family. Saraswati says yes. Saras says I have to make you meet someone and calls Kabir. Saraswati looks at Kabir. Saras says he is your son. She is stunned. Ghuman looks on.

Saraswati hugs Kabir and they both cry. Everyone looks on crying. Ghuman tries to run silently and pushes Yash. Aarti runs with her. Everyone see them and try to stop.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. finally happy happy in it was so nice of it.and in precap kabir and saraswati ki scene superb emotional scene.waiting for trm.

  2. What happens in precap priya?

  3. sangeeta kaswan

    finally everything is fine….all are happy….

  4. hi precap saraswati got to known about her second son kabir.and they both hug each other tightly with tear eyes.and ghuman and that aarti push yash and try to escape.

  5. Is it true the show is going to end soon?

  6. Thank u!!

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