Saraswatichandra 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras thinking please come onfront of me Kumud. He sees the bottle and runs to get it. He gets Kumud’s message in it. He starts finding her again and comes to the opposite side of the lake. Kumud too looks for Saras. She sees a man singing on the road in mike. She gets an idea and comes to him. She says I need to make an announcement in the crowd, if you allow me to speak on the mike, he can hear me and come to me. He says its performance area, you can be allowed to only sing, can you sing. Everyone clap for her.

Danny says I don’t remember what happened but I know I can’t think of raping any girl. I swear of Kusum. He asks Kusum do you trust me. Everyone are shocked. Kalika cries. She talks to Badimaa and Yash’s mum and gains their sympathy, she says I thought once I get married, no one will see with in bad way, I did not think I was not safe at home, I felt Danny is my younger brother and he did this. Badimaa says Danny can’t do this. Yash’s mum says you mean Kalika is lying. Yash comes and asks what happened. She cries and tries to fool him too. (I hate Kalika, this time she fell to the deepest level….!!)

Kalika tells him everything and looks at Danny. Danny says she is mistaken, I did not even touch her. Kalika says am I mad to blame you then. She says Danny has raped me and hugs Yash. Danny says what and looks at Danny angrily. Kusum cries. Kumud sings Mann Mohana……………… Kanha suno na……………..She looks for Saras in the crowd. Saras hears her. Saras comes running and sees the crowd.Kumud ends the song and sees Saras. Saras also sees her and they run towards each other.Saraswatichandra……………..plays……………

Saras says sorry. They have a beautiful hug. (Pause here and look at Saras!!) O piya……………….plays…………….. (I love to write such scenes!!) Yash gets angry on Danny and says how dare you. (Yash should be awarded FOOL OF THE YEAR!!) Badimaa says you know Danny, do you think he can do this. Vidyachatur says we understand, Danny can risk his life for us, can he do this with our family. Guniyal says I trust him, he can’t do this. Yash says how should I trust him, Kalika is saying he raped her, then how to believe him.

Kalika cries. Badimaa supports Danny and says its about our bahu and son in law, can Kalika prove it that Danny raped her. Yash’s mum defends Kalika and argues with them. She says how can Kalika explain now. Badimaa says I m answering Yash, I did not ask Kalika to explain. Kusum says I completely trust Danny, he can’t do this, he don’t need to give any explanation. Danny looks at her.

Saras and Kumud are together. She hugs him. It rains and they are under the umbrella. She says you said its over, then how did this happen again. He says so that we feel how much we love each other. Vidyachatur says we are also worried about Kalika, Danny is not responsible. Yash’s mum says he is Ghuman’s son, they have poison in their blood. He says I know Danny is my friend Nandu’s son, his goodness is more than Ghuman’s sin, he went against his mum for us. He saved our house, he can’t do this with Kalika.

Kalika says great Kaka, I don’t need to go to court, see Yash how he is defending his son in law, after what happened with his bahu, he will prove him innocent as he is Kusum’s husband, who am I, you did not accept me as bahu, why. She says Kusum, you trust your husband a lot, fine, don’t trust me, but think like a woman, such accident with a woman is really worst and its tough to tell others about it. She says I told you all the truth but no one believed me and Danny is standing infront of me and everyone are supporting him, I lost with my fate today.

She uses some smart lines to melt Yash. She says if you don’t get justice for me, I will take it myself and punish Danny. I will go to police. Saras and Kumud try to find Kabir again. They get to know and leave. Vidyachatur says no Kalika, you can’t do this. Yash’s mum says stop saying, just do it. Vidyachatur says Danny is innocent. Yash says I will not forgive Danny. He has to go to jail. Badimaa says you are doing big mistake and keeping our respect at stake. Kalika says fine, I will not tell anyone but on one condition, Danny has to go.

Either he will stay here else I will give up my life. Everyone are shocked. Kabir is brought somewhere. Ghuman talks to him on videochat and says you have hot blood and so I liked you,(What a cheap woman!!) you really made a beautiful pic of me, I have to show you something. She shows him Saras and Kumud. She says they will reach you but before they come to you……….. don’t worry, I will kill you on your birthday as I promised Saras. Kabir gets angry. She calls her men and ask them to shift Kabir again. The man repeats the location. Kabir hears it and writes it on a paper.

Saras and Kumud see Kabir taken away by the goons. Saras shouts Kabir. Kabir looks at him and says Saras. Saras gets tears in his eyes.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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