Saraswatichandra 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 7th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras trying to talk to Kumud. She is annoyed. He sees some flowers and thinks to buy for Kumud. He goes to the flower shop and buys some flowers. He comes back and sees Kumud not on the bench. He looks around for her and gets worried. He asks people about her. Kumud sees the same woman flirting with someone else now. Saras says where did you go Kumud. Kumud says I got angry on Saras for no reason, this girl is wrong, not him. She gets lost and thinks where are you Saras. They both wander on the roads. They think where they are. They look out desperately.

The scene shows the long search. Kumud asks some people about Saras. Saras sees some Indian people and ask them about Kumud telling her clothes description. He gets to know she went that side and goes. He says where did you go Kumud. Danny wakes up thinking about how he got hurt while saving Kalika. He thinks where he is and hears Kalika crying. He sees his shirt open and buttons it. He asks Kalika are you fine. She says don’t touch me, stay far. He says Kalika………. She says atleast you could have think about our relations, could not you think before doing this.

He says what nonsense are you saying. She says you look innocent but you have an animal in you. She says I requested you to leave me but you did not listen to me. She says he has raped her and what will he tell to Yash now. Danny is shocked. She says you have ruined me. Danny feels guilty. (Such women should be taught the meaning of rape first, liar Kalika and poor Danny!!).

Kumud starts crying losing hope now. They come back to the bench but not together, one after another. Kumud thinks of her words. Saras also thinks about them. Kalika comes home acting as if she is raped. Everyone are shocked to see her and asks what happened, who did this. Yash’s mum comes and asks what happened. Kalika shows them Danny. Everyone are shocked..

Kumud sees people making wishes and writing it on chit and making it flow in the lake. A woman sees her crying and asks what happened. Kumud says my husband got lost, we came together but now I will not finding him. She asks her to write a note for her husband and flow it in lake. Kumud says no, this chit will not reach him. The woman says it can be magical and asks her to do it. Kumud thinks about her marriage with Saras and believes in miracles. She writes sorry to Saras and asks him to come soon, your Kumud. She wishes Ambe Maa to make this chit reach Saras. She puts in bottle and leaves in the lake.

Saras thinks about his words that he will always stay with her. Kumud thanks the woman. . She says Saras where are you. Saras is near the lake closing his eyes and thinking about Kumud. Saras wishes Ambe Maa to make him reach Kumud. He thinks where to find you Kumud, I know you are near me, please come infront of me. He gets the bottle in the lake. Kumud waits and leaves from there. Saras quickly takes the bottle and takes out the chit. He reads Kumud’s message.

Kumud requests some people to allow her to make an announcement for Saras as she lost him. The man says no announcement, I can only allow you to sing, can you sing. Kumud takes the mic.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

  1. Kumud getting upset over Saras was immature and not needed. I thought they got older and wise but writers have nothing else to tell than repeating same old thing of Saras-Kumud sepration which became silly and boring. I hope Saras’ mom pops up somewhere as she still alive and some villagers saved her. That would make the show interesting again.

    1. very true.. it sounds so silly after so many episodes… they have larger issues to think about than getting angry on some girl flirting with him.. guess.. they are just draggin the story…. i tot this episode will tell if they reached Kabir… but boo hoo…

  2. I like this show…..and it is going wellllll

  3. I think sarawatichndra is much better than saathiya

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