Saraswatichandra 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 7th January 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 7th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Danny hugging Kusum pacifying her. She says sorry. He says sorry? Girls thanks me after hugging and you are saying sorry, we are good friends right. He says lets find Kumud. Kusum smiles. They leave in the car. Danny looks at her while driving. They look out for Kumud everywhere. Kusum gets tired and Danny supports her. He offers her water and takes care of her. Kalika says its 2pm, Yash’s mum might be coming now. Yash’s mum calls out Kalika and asks for tea. Kalika hears her and acts like sleeping. Yash’s mum comes to her and is angry seeing her sleeping.

Kalika acts in sleep and says don’t do this. She says I request you don’t do this with my mum in law. Yash’s mum wakes her up and asks what happened. Kalika says thanks to Lord, it was a dream. Yash’s mum asks what dream, what did you see in dream, tell me. Kalika acts and says I saw that Kumud came back and Saras and Kumud got married. Yash’s mum says why are you feeling bad then. Kalika says Dada ji got them married and kept everything on Saras’s name and Saras has kicked me, you and Yash out of the house. Yash’s mum scolds her for dreaming this.

Kalika says if this really happens then. Yash’s mum says my son is the only heir, if this happens, I will take my right, I won’t leave anyone, go and bring tea for me. Kalika smiles and leaves. Vidyachatur is seeing Kumud’s photo and talking to her asking her to come back home. Yash’s mum comes to him and says even if I tell truth, people think its my taunt. She says I did not get the respect I should have got, Guniyal got it, but I did not complain, but if you bring strangers in our home, I won’t be quiet.

She says why are you making Saras and Danny ours. He says they are always here and get the food at our house, and you have given the karkhana responsibility to them, rather than Yash. Kalika smiles seeing this. Yash’s mum says what about my Yash’s rights. She says Kumud and Saras will be married and Saras and Danny will stay in this house with full right and then they will ask for property. Vidyachatur says my daughter is missing and you are worried about the property. He gets annoyed and leaves. Yash’s mum says I know how to get my rights.

Badimaa talks to Danny on phone. She tells everyone that Danny has seen everywhere but did not get Kumud. Kalika says how can this be? I don’t understand, where is Kumud if not in mandir. Badimaa says mandir, which mandir? Kalika says did Kusum not tell you anything. Everyone looks on. Kalika smiles. Kusum is upset. Danny says is there any place left. Kusum says one place, mandir, Kalika was saying someone saw Kumud in mandir. Danny says you are saying me now, we would have gone there first, we would have got her. Kusum says I don’t trust Kalika, but now I feel maybe she was saying the truth.

Kusum says I wish I would have told you this in morning. Danny says its ok, lets go. They come to a mandir and look out for Kumud. Kusum asks the pandit did he see Kumud. The pandit says Kumud came in the morning, sat here for some time and left. Kusum tells this to Danny. She says I knew this and I have let her go again. Saras and everyone come there and Saras says yes Kusum, Kumud left us again because of you. Kusum cries seeing everyone.

Kusum says you all here. Danny asks what is the matter. Saras says ask your wife, why did she do this. Kusum says I did not do anything. Vidyachatur says Kalika told you in morning, what were you waiting for. Dada ji scolds Kusum. Everyone go against Kusum. Saras says now I m sure, you don’t want Kumud to come back, so you are acting.

Badimaa taunts Kusum. Everyone blame Kusum and call her selfish. Vidyachatur says if anything happens to Kumud, I will never forgive you. Kusum says I love Didi a lot, I tried to find her today. She asks everyone to believe her. Danny looks on. Kusum cries and sits down. Danny holds her and supports her infront of everyone saying I was with Kusum, I have seen how much she tried to find out Kumud. Kalika says then why did Kusum not tell you about mandir, because your Kusum is a liar. Danny shouts Kalika, don’t think Kusum is alone, think before saying something, she is Mrs. Danny Vyas. Kusum looks at Danny. Saras smiles.

Kusum and Danny have an eyelock. Saras says Danny you are not understanding, she is acting, she just not want Kumud to come home. Danny says enough. Badimaa scolds Danny for speaking to Saras like this. Danny says I have seen Kusum, which Saras does not know. He speaks in Kusum’s favor and says he has seen the urge to find Kumud in Kusum’s eyes.

Danny says she was blaming herself as she did not trust Kalika. Danny says what all Kusum did. He tells Saras that Kusum has tried her best. Dada ji says you should not forget you are talking to your elder brother. Danny says I did not forget, maybe Saras forgot he is talking to my wife and if anyone blames my wife, how can I be quiet. Saras looks on and says don’t you trust me, do yo think I m lying. Danny says I trust you, you have supported Kumud always, I m also respecting love as you do. Kusum looks at Danny. Danny wipes her tears. Saras looks at Badimaa and smiles.

Danny holds Kusum’s hand and says we will prove that we are right, we will come home only when Kumud is with us. Saras is shocked. Danny says till we get Kumud, we won’t face anyone. Everyone looks on.

Kusum sees Saras somewhere and follows him thinking what he is doing here. Saras hears her voice and turns to see her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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