Saraswatichandra 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 6th March 2013 Written Update

Episode Started In Saras’s Room.Kumud Went There To See Saras.Kumud Was Enchanted To See Him..
She Started Admiring Him.After Some Time She Fall Asleep Unknowingly.Her Hand Touched Saras’s Forehead And He Woke Up..
He Recognized Kumud.He Was Stunned To See Her Beauty.He Couldn’t Take Off His Eyes From Kumud.He Tried To Touch Her But She Woke Up..
Kumud Taunted Saras For Not Knowing Any Manner.She Requested Him To Talk With Father And Leave As Soon As Possible.Saras Assured Her That He’ll Leave Soon..
Next Morning Saras Went Missing From Home.Kumud Searched Him Everywhere But Couldn’t Find Out..
Here Saras Was Stalking In Village Market.He Was Remembering His Mother.Then Some Flashback Scene Of Young Saras And His Mother..
Saras Went To The Local Temple.He Wanted To Talk With Kumud’s Dad But Was Unable To Gather Courage.He Asked Help Of Devi Maa..
Suddenly He Heard Noise Outside.A Boy Has Fallen Into The Temple’s Tank.He Was Shouting For Help But No One Helped Him..
Then Saras Jumped Into The Tank And Rescued The Boy.His Mother Was Thanking Saras For Saving Her Saving Her Son.But Villager’s Behavior Was Different..
Villagers Told Him That This Water Is Only Used For Devi Maa’s Bath And He Has Insulted Devi Maa By Touching The Water.Saras Tried To Give Explanation But They Ignored.They Warned Him,Not To Do this Kind Of Nonsense Act In Future.Otherwise Result Will Be Very Bad..
Then Saras Returned To Home.Kumud Got The News.She Was Happy From Inside But Didn’t Express It.Rather She Was Showing Fake Anger With Her Sisters..
Here Kumud’s Dad Was Tensed For Saras.He Advised Saras To Stay Away From The Villagers.Kumud Heard Their Conversation..
She Protested And Supported Saras.She Told Saras Has Done The Right Thing.Then Kumud’s Father Gave Her Hand To Saras’s Hand.He Told Everyone That He And Saras’s Dad Was Right.Saras-Kumud Is A Heavenly Match..

Precap: Chandrika tells Kumud to take SC to the school and show him the computer where she just saw his eyes and consented to this alliance ..
SC overhears this and is feeling bad that she had given her consent whereas he had refused to marry her.. He felt how hurt she might have been..
SC puts a hand on her shoulder and asks her .. Are you really hurt with my refusals Kumud ??
Kumud is stunned..Doesnot know what to reply..

Update Credit to: Dark Knight

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